The Best Mother's Day Gift
Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise and the author of the ''Little Princess's Fantasy Journey'', had spent 14 months visiting 12 countries and 47 resort hotels with her husband who is a photographer, and her then 4-month-old daughter.

PhotoJohnny Lu

TextRuo-Jia, Kung

Currently, as a mother-of-two, the most beloved mom of Olivia & James, Kung strives to make everyday life as good as possible such as trying to bring the traveling atmosphere into daily life to capture each wonderful moment in life at any time.

Because of Halloween, I just knew two main characters, Nezuko Kamado and Tanjiro Kamado, of the famous Japanese anime ''Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba'' as my daughter and son were sorely tempted to cosplay these two characters. So we came to the studio to film the cosplay of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado.

Actually, I don't see the ''Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba'' before, neither the movie nor an episode of the anime TV series. Since my daughter and son always want to try something new and cosplay new characters every year, I don't guide them to see any particular books or movies. However, kids' capabilities of imitation always impress the adults.

Children are like blank papers as they keep learning from what we educate them and the habits we teach them in daily life and that both influence them secretly. So the suggestion given by the adults influences the imitation of kids, as well as making them naturally imitate the adults' common habits. The truth is the process of all the imitation maintains the constant starting and connecting in our daily life.

Plant a Good Seed In the Daily Life
The good seeds that we give the kids sprout and grow up day after day.

Generally, I love to share with kids about those whom I've met and some charity events I've got involved in for a long time and that gradually guides the kids to realize what a charity is.

Yilan Disadvantaged Single-Mother Families Care Association is one of the institutions that I've offered great assistance. The single mothers in this association jointly set up a new brand ''Dream Builders Denim'', utilizing recycled denim to create some dolls and home accessories. Some day, I took my daughter and son and invited 6-7 families of their classmates to Yilan where we've participated in a handmade-doll event.

( Photo by Ruo-Jia, Kung)

For the school fair which the school organizes for Mother's Day this year, my daughter comes to me and says that she remembered our last visit to the Yilan Disadvantaged Single-Mother Families Care Association; she is wondering whether the association can offer us some materials and then we can not merely make the dolls by ourselves but also help those single moms.

I'm deeply touched by her idea. Through the event, she makes a connection between the single moms and Mother's Day, devotes her energy to helping others, and further expects to gather more positive energy to help people by the crowds in the school fair.

( Photo by Yung Sung )

Also, that reminds me of having to always pay attention to everything I do since the kids would see and hear what you've done. Constantly planting good seeds doesn't merely guide the kids to imitate the good behaviors, but also guide them to become a person with empathy.

This is one of the best Mother's Day gifts I've received ever. You can give kids the opportunities to do something good, bring them to get close to nature, and even guide them to take part in some charity events that educate the children to have empathy, love, and care for people, nature, and animals. It's an easy way to make the good seeds of the younger generations sprout better.

Johnny, the photographer, and Lena Lee, the makeup artist, jointly take charge of this photoshoot. And I really appreciate their effort to turn me into a mom with an age-defying look and make me look as youthful as my daughter's elder sister. Being a mother, you will maintain a youthful appearance only if having a physical, psychological, and spiritual balance with happiness and health. So what are the tips? Stay tuned and I'll share it with everyone next time.

Wish all the mammas lead peaceful and happy lives. Happy Mother's Day!

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