Heaven, Earth and Me Exclusive Retreat in Paradero Todos Santos
The yellow desert stretches to the azure blue sky, and the tranquility is definitely the longing of the heart! Leaving the crowd to explore the unknown, I believe this journey will remain in your heart for a long time.

PhotoParadero Todos Santos / Yoshikoitani Photography

TextAnnie Chiang

The laid-back hamlet of Todos Santos is known for its beaches and cultural landscapes. It gets a lot livelier in recent years due to the rise of local artists and galleries. The Paradero Todos Santos Resort, which opened in January this year, leads people into the retreat sanctuary with its down-to-earth appearance.

Setting on a 2.2-hectare site, Paradero Hotel has only 35 suites and is “adults only.” It is not to ignore kids, but to let busy adults temporarily walk away from everything and get a thoroughly relaxation.

Are you ready to recharge with your partner in Paradero Hotel?
Getting rid of excess thoughts can bring one a restful mind. This is also the design philosophy of Paradero Hotel, the architects just want the hotel to blend with the surroundings. The overall design is filled with a strong sense of nomadism, which is to let travelers put everything down and follow their own inclinations.

All suites in the resort are built around the central garden. Each suite has a triangular design protruding to the garden, with large floor-to-ceiling windows to help visitors feel connect to the community. On the other side of the suite, it opens to the endless desert plants, being close to nature at any time.

More than 80 rare species are planted in the central garden. There is also a 100,000-square-foot botanical garden to stroll around, and the palm-shaded Ojo de Agua Spa provides professional hydro-massage. The restaurant will incorporate home-grown ingredients into Oaxaca-inspired dishes. At night, when stars gradually appeared, one can climb up to the rooftop, the midnight blue sky with twinkling stars is just right for the monologue between the heaven, the earth and you.

Paradero Hotel is “adults only,” let busy adults temporarily walk away from everything and get a thoroughly relaxation.
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