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Song Saa means “lover” in Cambodian The two islands Koh Ouen and Koh Bong located in the Gulf of Thailand are also like a couple. One offers pristine tropical forest that has been preserved for nearly 1,000 years, while the other is famed for its exquisite, white sandy beach.



Speaking of Cambodia, besides visiting Angkor Wat, one of the 7 Wonders of the World, there is a captivating resort in the azure Gulf of Thailand in southern Cambodia - Song Saa Private Island.
Before departing for our vacation, let us listen to the romantic love story about the island.
Australian couple Rory and Melita arrived in Sihanoukville, Cambodia to allow Melita to recuperate from cancer. By chance, they learned about two little islands: Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, so they decided to check them out, and they were instantly mesmerized by the beauty of the islands. In local language, the name of the islands means husband and wife respectively, thus the couple decided to purchase them to build the resort, symbolizing the undying love between them.

Since Melita is a designer, she designed every detail of the resort's interior. While pondering ways to improve the resort's design, she also recuperated from her illness while surrounded
by the gorgeous landscape. Eventually, she managed to regain her health. Since the stunning scenery here has the magic to rekindle passion among couples and endow then with physical and spiritual wellbeing, countless celebrities are already the honored guests of the resort, including David Beckham and Princess Andrew, imbuing the resort with more joy and happiness.

Secretive romantic getaway
We boarded the hotel's powerboat that took us to Song Saa, roughly 30 minutes away from Sihanoukville. Upon entering the hotel, I immediately understood why it is one of the most celebrated hotels in the world; surrounded by lush mountains and blue ocean, the sound of chirping insects and singing birds reverberating in the air was complemented by the majesty of endless ocean, azure sky and white cloud. In that moment, my mind became wide open, just like the horizon that stretches as far as the eye can see.

The private island resort comprises 2 islands: one with luxury villas and one with pristine tropical rainforest, also both islands are connected by a wooden bridge. The resort enlisted the help of world-acclaimed architect and designer Bill Bensley, who drew inspiration from traditional Cambodian villages, elephants and farmer's straw hats to design the main structure of the villa using conical shaped roof and beams that resemble elephant trunks. The overall interior space was designed by Melita, who is also a designer, with each piece of furniture and charismatic wooden art installation meticulously being created using local materials gathered by Melita, achieving symbiosis between the resort and nature.

Copious amount of local construction materials were used during construction, including thatched roof, unadorned wood and natural driftwood, to sculpt the eco-friendly theme of the hotel. Some materials were sourced from salvaged fishing boats dismantled into different components, and the components were used to re-create the stylish, chic hotel that blends in with the rustic Cambodian fishing village nearby – a truly ingenious and awe-inspiring design.

Delightful life in the forest

As if secluded from the world, the resort features the most spectacular white sandy beach anywhere, as well as breathtaking sunrise and sunset sceneries. In addition, the exclusive housekeeping service and allinclusive gourmet meals and beverages are all part of the attentive services rendered by the resort. The leisurely ambiance can be felt throughout the resort, making it a coveted destination among lovers and couples.

In total, 27 villas are divided into 4 different themes: Jungle Villa, Overwater Villa, Ocean View and Royal Villa. In order to experience different sceneries, we opted to stay at the Jungle Villa and Overwater Villa for 3 days respectively.

Jungle Villa is located in the forest area on the island. Constructed along the hillside, the villas offer capacious interior that consists of the living room, bedroom, bathroom and outdoor terrace. We simply had to open the window to be greeted by a splendid view of the ocean. Abundant natural elements were infused into the architectural design, where the fragrance of wood emanating from the wooden terrace, table and cabinets permeated the air. The wellappointed villa is equipped with all the modern amenities, while there is also a spacious resting area outside and a private swimming pool, allowing guests to enjoy all the creature comforts within the natural, immaculate environment. Lush forests surround the villa's bathtub, and looking out the 360-degree panoramic French glass creates an illusion of taking a bath in the forest. However, I also felt completely safe and discreet at the same time.

After enjoying a meal, we often took a leisurely stroll in the woods. There is a treehouse spa center in the depth of the verdant forest surrounded by vibrantly colored flowers and luxuriant vegetation such as white lotus and red lotus, creating a tranquil sanctuary. The interior decoration oozes Zen and calmness, allowing guests to relax completely. The hotel offers attentive, warm hospitality and treats each guest like a friend. When the hotel staff knew that we were traveling with an infant, a crib was immediately sent to the room and different animal shaped towels would be brought for our Little Princess to make her happy every day. The hotel also provided us with a room service menu featuring a selection of baby foods, enabling us to enjoy each day of our vacation without any concerns.

Spiritual cleansing power of the ocean

Having experienced the Jungle Villa, we moved into the Overwater Villa for the next half of our vacation. Overwater villas are not only exclusive to Maldives. Constructed as independent houses over the ocean, although the room was not as spacious as the other villa, it was equipped with a private swimming pool and deck chairs, creating a sensation that we were one with the innite ocean. The sea surrounded the entire room, and we would wake up to the embrace of the ocean every morning. At dawn and dusk every day, more than 20 fishing boats from nearby village congregated in fleets to embark on their fishing expedition. The fishing boats dotted the water surface to create a picture-perfect landscape painting. As the fishing boats basked in the afterglow of the sunset, we were delighted by the superb accommodation experience.

There were plenty of activities to keep us preoccupied, such as swimming, taking a stroll or admiring the sunset; we felt time was never enough in the resort. Even if we did not want to venture outside, the housekeeper would attend to our every need, including complimentary laundry service, allowing us to enjoy every pleasant moment in the jungle.

For the Little Princess, the secluded resort was anything but boring. The premium resort oers a nanny service, allowing each member of the family to fully enjoy the holiday vibe here. Before our departure, we made a request to the hotel for a nanny. An 18 year-old nanny from Cambodia named nock nock was assigned to us. Usually an intern in the housekeeping department, she only serves as a nanny when there is a request from the hotel guests. Little Princess and nock nock bonded instantly and they expressed their friendship by hugging each other. The Little Princess was always looking forward to meeting with nock nock every day, who took her everywhere to explore. Seeing they befriended so quickly, we felt at ease to let nock nock take care of our Little Princess, and they developed a profound friendship during the 4 days. After we left the resort, we kept in touch with nock nock over the Internet.

Song Saa Private Island
Number of rooms: 27
Room price: Starts at NT$45,000 per night (off season)
Address: Song Saa Private Island ,Koh Rong Archipelago, Cambodia
Tel.: +855 23 886 750
Website: songsaa.com
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