Restoring Coral Reefs: AYANA Komodo's Love for Nature
Located in Indonesia, AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach Resort is dedicated to coral reef restoration efforts. Have you ever been amazed by the beauty of coral reefs when diving? Beyond their beauty, coral reefs play a crucial role in the ocean ecosystem.

PhotoChi-Hao Wei

TextWenchien Wu

AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach Resort boasts stunning coastlines and breathtaking sunsets. They are equally committed to the protection and education of the marine environment. They have partnered with an Australian marine ecology team to plant coral reefs and provide education on marine ecology, actively safeguarding the beauty of the sea.

While enjoying the resort's comfortable services, why not join photographer Chi-Hao Wei, the founder of Yii Cultural, Ruo-Jia Kung and her family in marine conservation activities? Restoring coral reefs is not just about aesthetics; it significantly benefits fish conservation and maintaining the natural coastal features.

The Battle for Coral Restoration!

Did you know that coral is an animal? A single coral reef can provide 15 tons of fish and seafood each year, and globally, 500 million people rely directly on coral reefs for their livelihood through fishing. However, coral reefs are increasingly suffering from mass bleaching and death due to global warming and overfishing.
When corals die, it affects the underwater scenery, impacts fish survival, and reduces coastlines' natural flood defence capabilities. Coastal countries surrounded by the sea, like Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, and even Taiwan, are all affected by this.

Instead of Passively Waiting, Let’s Take Proactive Action!
The Marine Discovery Centre's marine biologists at AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach Resort state that reducing greenhouse gas emissions, overfishing, and establishing “no-take” zones benefit the marine ecosystems. They invite resort guests to participate in the “coral planting” program.

The coral planting program consists of four sequences, they are collection, which involves gathering corals of opportunity from the House Reef, followed by fragmentation, where the corals are cut into smaller pieces. Then comes the nursery, where coral fragments grow in rope nurseries for 12 months, and finally, outplanting, where new coral colonies are planted onto coral frames or directly onto the reef to complete the nursery restoration process.

A Hundred Years Later, Beauty Remains.
At AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach Resort, you can visit the Komodo National Park, which is listed as a World Heritage Site. You can encounter the world's largest lizards, the Komodo dragons, and embark on a Jurassic Park-like adventure here.

You can also indulge in a traditional Indonesian spa to relax your body and mind. With its blend of modern luxury and the charm of traditional Indonesian culture, complemented by Indonesian cuisine and carefully crafted cocktails, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Flores Sea, witnessing breathtaking sunsets.

Most importantly, join the marine biologists at the Marine Discovery Centre in the “coral planting” program with an open heart. Let’s preserve this natural beauty and allow it to flourish for future generations.


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