Small Town Alleys and Lukang
Have you ever visited Lukang during the Qingming Festival? Aside from the bustling Mazu Temple and the New Year's rush to the street market, what is your impression of Lukang? In the rainy season during Qingming, let's explore Lukang.

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Lukang is a traditional small town in Taiwan that has preserved many architectural features from the Qing Dynasty to the present. Due to the popularity of festivals, this traditional town transforms into different styles at different times of the year.

In Lukang, a group of people deeply rooted here called the Lukang Jasmine Humanities and Cultures Environmental Education Center, which preserves old houses, offers night tours, and hosts hands-on activities for traditional foods, allowing travelers to understand Lukang better.

The fascinating aspect of Lukang may not be the famous temples and festivals but rather the leisurely and quiet atmosphere when strolling through each alley.

Qingming Festival and Night Visits to Lukang
If you come to Lukang, Huang Yajun, the executive director of the Jasmine Humanities and Cultures Environmental Education Center, suggests visiting the “First Market” first. Here, vendors often change their food offerings according to the season, such as selling rice cakes during Qingming and changing to rice dumplings during Dragon Boat Festival.

Traditional Lukang's daily life follows the changing seasons, and matching-themed foods are served at home during each festival. Therefore, the “First Market” is also known as the stomach of the people of Lukang.

Temples, Serene Places
If you always go to the Mazu Temple when you visit Lukang, then the Lukang Longshan Temple and Wen Wu Temple might be the starting point for your next visit. The atmosphere here is more akin to a Japanese temple. In the temple filled Lukang, these temples are less frequently visited by tourists.

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If you want something more special, “Night Visits to Lukang” is another option. The Jasmine Humanities and Cultures Environmental Education Center, deeply rooted in the local community, has launched a series of night tours of Lukang, explaining the culture and history of Lukang to tourists. Visitors can learn more about this ancient and quaint city by walking and reading along the alleys.

Old Houses and Slow Pace of Life
There are many old houses in Lukang with narrow design that preserves the architectural features of the past, such as the various shops on Zhongshan Road that retain the style of Japanese architects experimenting with Taiwanese architecture, including the rich and varied Baroque-style Western buildings. The famous pastry shop “Yu-Jen-Jai” has yellow (KO) in Japanese pinyin characters still visible on the wall, making it a detail worth exploring.

Photo by 林高志, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=66476647
Lukang is not only suitable for quick visits but also for longer tours and living. The longer you stay, the more you feel the rich sense of life here.
Photo by Wenchien wu

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