Abu Dhabi: An Oasis in New Middle East
In the popular TV series “Sex and the City,” Abu Dhabi was described as the new Middle East. What kind of luxurious experiences does this mysterious country offer?

PhotoChi-Hao Wei

TextWenchien Wu

The Shangri-La Hotel in Abu Dhabi is located on a one-kilometer stretch of private beach and lush greenery, making it the most soothing oasis in the desert.

As a predominantly Islamic country, Abu Dhabi has the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as its backdrop. This mosque can accommodate up to 40,000 people and is constructed using materials from all over the world, such as marble, gold, and semi-precious stones. Over 3,000 workers were involved in its construction, and its architecture took inspiration from Persian architecture and various mosques worldwide. Join photographer Chi-Hao, Wei and the founder of Yii Cultural, Ruo-Jia, Kung’s family, and explore Abu Dhabi to witness its mysterious luxury!

Connecting the Past, Present, and Future

The Shangri-La Hotel Group owns 103 hotels worldwide, with a presence in Asia and the Middle East. It was named after the fictional Shangri-La in James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon, which describes the idyllic utopia hidden in Tibet's mountains, bringing travelers beauty and peace.

The Shangri-La Hotel Group strongly emphasizes community building, environmental conservation, and eco-friendliness. For example, they reduced plastic use, introduced composting facilities, and were the first hotel group to ban shark fin from their menus and source fresh local produce. This way, guests staying at their hotels can also make a difference in the environment and protect the Earth.

A Fusion in Architectural Design
Regarding the architectural design of Shangri-La Abu Dhabi, the hotel is located near the canal, where one can enjoy the wonderful Arabian atmosphere by wooden boat. The exterior walls are the traditional sandy color, most fitting to the environment, and the light reflects off the river at night.

The interior is Arabian style, from the choice of utensils, decorations, and carpets to the shape of the arches and the open market, which was modeled after the traditional Arabian bazaar. At the same time, it also retains Shangri-La's Eastern style. In 2013, it took place as one of the “Top 25 Hotels in the UAE” by TripAdvisor.

Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul: Chi SPA
The concept of Chi SPA comes from the utopian Shangri-La, providing various massage and repair services, such as Turkish baths, Arabian date palm body wraps, and Arabica coffee scrubs. It blends multiple Asian traditional techniques with Arabian characteristics, allowing guests to physically and mentally relax.

Shangri-La invites you to explore cultural, artistic, culinary, and architectural wonders. Welcome to the new Middle East. Welcome to Abu Dhabi.


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