Let the Chocolate Melt Your Hearts!
Whether you are a lover of sweet and tasty chocolates or a gourmand who specializes in rating chocolate store by store, these three Tokyo chocolate stores insist on making chocolates from Bean to Bar to satisfy your taste buds and rocking your imagination.


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Today we would like to introduce three distinctive specialty stores that have taken root in Tokyo for many years. From the selection and grinding of coffee beans to chocolate making, they do it all by themselves.

A Heartwarming Chocolate Tour in Tokyo
Masterfully Crafted, Variations Among Rich Ingredients
The first stop on your Tokyo chocolate tour is nel CRAFT CHOCOLATE TOKYO in Nihonbashi, where chocolatier Yoshi Murata won the Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019. He also visited farms in Vietnam where the cocoa beans are grown and insisted on the Bean to Bar process.

His years of experience in renowned dessert stores have inspired his knack for ingredients. He often mixes chocolate with various Japanese ingredients, such as sansho, shiso, and yuzu, to create the "Bonbon Chocolate" that is only available in this store.
In the summer, the chocolate ice cream branded "cocoa gold" will become available, and in the winter, hot chocolate will be back on the menu, which is a whole new level of taste when combined with chocolate chips.

The All-In-One Ultimate Experience Package
The second stop is Minimal at Tomigaya, which offers a "Minimal Experience Package" that includes six types of chocolate, cocoa nibs, cocoa pulp juice, roasted tea, and fine coffee. It's a great way to experience all the different types of cocoa beans and chocolate all at once.
Ⓒ Minimal - Bean to Bar Chocolate
In the winter, Minimal also offers a limited edition dessert, the "chocolate apple pie," which uses chocolate made from cocoa beans from Trinidad and Tobago, with apple pieces and a crispy pie crust topped with a special hot chocolate sauce, such complicated layers!

Ⓒ Minimal - Bean to Bar Chocolate

For Those Who Love Wine and Chocolate, You are in Luck!
With the coming of the night, what kind of sparkle will chocolate and alcohol create? Let's see what Bar & Chocolate CACAOTAIL has to offer. They use cocoa beans from Colombia to create chocolate of the highest quality.
Ⓒ bar&chocolate CACAOTAIL
Their signature is the Cacaotail, where customers can choose one of four different chocolate strengths and six different alcoholic beverages as the base to create a drink that best suits their taste.

Ⓒ bar&chocolate CACAOTAIL
Whether it's a chocolate sausage or a canelé made using matured rum, it's an excellent match for cocktails, red wine, and whiskey; it is also an acquired taste for adults.
 Ⓒ bar&chocolate CACAOTAIL
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