Stay at Amanjiwo with A View of Borobudur
Borobudur is a Buddhist building from the mid-8th century in Indonesia. It is the largest Buddhist building in the world, built by hundreds of thousands of craftsmen. To visit this magnificent Borobudur, there is no better way than to stay at the nearby Amanjiwo, where guests can walk into the monument before the temple is open to visitors.

PhotoChi-Hao Wei

TextWenchien Wu

Borobudur is one of the “Four Remains of the Ancient East,” along with the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, and the Taj Mahal. Built during the Xalianterra dynasty, it is a fusion of Indonesia's indigenous cult culture and the Buddhist concept of Nirvana, with ritual worshippers starting at the bottom and walking up the stairs to the top, while the walls are lined with relief sculptures that captured 1,460 Buddhist stories in vivid detail.

From the restaurant, corridor, pool, and bedroom of Amanjiwo, you can see the top of Borobudur's pagoda. Follow photographer Chi Hao Wei and the founder of Yii Cultural, Ruojia Gong, and her family as they explore the stately and luxurious Amanjiwo.

The Spirit of Tranquility

The late Edward Tuttle, an architectural designer, designed several resorts for the Aman Hotel Group, including Amanpuri in Thailand, Amankila in Bali, and the Amanjiwo, which he completed in 1997.

His calm-based design philosophy has not only defined Aman Hotels' resort style but also influenced other hotel architects such as Bill Bensley, for whom the primary concern of a top-notch hotel is not glitz and glamour, but livability. He has a knack for using local specialties to give each resort a different cultural reverberation.

For example, when planning Amanjiwo near Borobudur, he took elements from the monument, including the square exterior and round interior, the diamond-shaped limestone brick walls, and the open square design, all of which reflect the monument.

Enjoy The Garden
Surrounded by mountains, Amanjiwo is blessed with a unique view, with the nearby Mount Merapi and Mount Monroe providing great climbing spots. Not far away, you can visit Mount Sumbing, where the Hindu temple Selogriyo is also rich in history.

Amanjiwo's food ingredients are sourced from local organic gardens and farms. You can choose to dine on the terrace with a view of the ancient Borobudur, or by the pool, enjoying the sun with authentic Javanese cuisine.

Aromas of Art
Central Java is the cultural center of Indonesia and is home to many artistic creations. Amanjiwo often collaborates with local artists to organize exhibitions, and nearby villages often host festive celebrations, or you can drive to the neighboring Yogyakarta to see ancient Javanese artifacts and experience the gentleness of the Indonesian people.


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