Embracing 2023 at the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort
As 2022 is going to end, do you have any plans for ringing in the New Year? At the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort, located in Chiang Mai, the Resort will celebrate the new year with a dance by the riverbank, candlelight dinners, and fireworks. Let's raise your wineglass to welcome 2023.

PhotoChi-Hao Wei

TextWenchien Wu

The Minor International Public Company Limited founded the first Anantara resort in Hua Hin, Thailand in 2001. This Thai international company operates numerous hotels across the world up to now. The Resort is famous for Thailand's most well-known spa facilities. The Resort spreads its unique Thai customs and styles throughout the world.

Today, let's follow Chi-Hao Wei, a famous photographer, and his wife Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise, to lodge at the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort and experience the Resort's unique Chinese-Thai cultures and lifestyles!

Life As Journey

Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas are the first hotel group built by the faith of the founder William Heinecke. Anantara operates hotels and resorts worldwide and makes efforts in protecting local communities by giving the lodged guests and the hotel group a chance that they can together work for sustainability.

What Anantara aims is to provide a new cultural chapter for travelers. So they can touch new things, broaden their horizons, and make unforgettable memories along with this journey lodging at Anantara.
Tradition Meeting Modern
The large rectangular pool surrounded by the lotus pond is a unique design at the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort. This design is inspired by the conception of Buddhism that the lotus grows out of the mud unsullied. The Resort realizes this idea in life, combining it with modern design to demonstrate Thailand's traditional culture among the luxurious, retro decor.

The same styles and craft show in the selection of hotel decor too. You can find this beautiful craft in the decoration by the dining utensils or the furnishing in the lobby. This creates an ambiance in that travelers are surrounded by ancient Thai-styled craft all the time.

You can enjoy Thai spa and treatment service here by applying the customized body cream to get your body and mind relaxed. You can also stay on the room's balcony to admire the beautiful Mae Ping River. The Resort comes with numerous French windows and wooden designs. Plus, surrounded by the natural forest, you can get serene by lodging in this luxurious yet comfortable resort.

Experience with Thai Culture
Thais devoutly believe in Buddhism. The Buddhist monks carrying bowls to collect alms is very common here. The typical image would be that an almsgiver shares what he owns in his house with the Buddhist monks. And the monks will chant Buddhist sutras and transfer merits for the almsgiver.

When travelers visit Chiang Mai, Thailand, if they just witness such a scene by the road, they might as well follow local customs to experience this local and unique religious culture. When in Thailand, do as the Thais do.

Celebrating New Year by the Riverbank
The Anantara Chiang Mai Resort is located on the banks of the Mae Ping River in Chiang Mai. Every year when it comes to the new year countdown, around 7 pm to midnight, the Resort will celebrate New Year’s Eve with a dance and fireworks for welcoming 2023.

And when it comes to February 3rd to 5th, the Anatara hotel group will host the Bangkok Riverside Music Festival. This is an important event that celebrates local culture. It's also an annual event in that Anatara raises charitable donations for elephant-related projects in Thailand. This event proves the founder's faith and makes it happen annually.


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