Koh Kood: An Unspoiled Robinson Crusoe Island in Thailand
The Koh Kood is an island located in the eastern Gulf of Thailand. It's the fourth largest island in Thailand. Also, it's one of the mysterious yet must-visit tourist attractions on foreign travelers' favorite tropical vacation lists.

PhotoChi-Hao Wei

TextWenchien Wu

As an untouched island, the local natural ecology on the Koh Kood is well preserved, like a Robinson-Crusoe-like island in reality. Tourists can see the tropical rainforest and ancient Siamese culture remain on this island. The magnificent Buddha statue situated on the eastern island, traditionally Thai-styled wood houses, jungles, and beaches are unspoiled and least developed natural landscapes of Koh Kood.

Let's follow Chi-Hao Wei, a famous photographer, and his wife Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise, to lodge the Soneva Kiri, an unparalleled luxury resort on the Koh Kood, and experience the lavish island journey!

An Extravagant yet Barefoot Lodging Experience

It takes just a one-hour flight from Bangkok on Soneva's private plane to land on this natural, untouched island, surrounded by clear waters and fully offering local cultural experiences. It's time to take a shot exploring nature.


Resort Founder's Original Intention on Environmental Protection

Sonu and Eva Shivdasani, founders of Soneva Kiri, live up to environmental protection in life. Therefore, this eco-friendly-practicing couple refuses to use bottled water and adopts reusable glass bottles to serve guests' drinking water. More than that, the founder couple also encourages every guest lodging at the Soneva resorts to try taking off their shoes to experience local landscapes and culture barefoot.

The private villas at Soneva Kiri are either located by the beaches or hidden in the rainforest. Each villa comes with a vast pool, comfortable furnishing, private electric buggy or bicycles, and a villa steward to serve guests. And the open-air cinema and unique observatory make guests' traveling experience richer.


Genuine Experience with Thai Food
Apart from serving genuine Thai cuisine, the Resort builds a one-of-a-kind restaurant on top of the rainforest canopy - The Treepod. This phenomenal restaurant stands at the best commanding point of the Resort. After guests enter the rattan-made carriage, the movable pod will lift to the Treepod, sixteen feet high off the ground. Guests can enjoy dining in the air with a magnificent view.

In each season, the Soneva Kiri resort invites celebrated guest chefs to demonstrate their talents and serve guests their exquisite cuisines. For instance, the Resort has invited Pastry Chef Claire Clark, a Senior Pastry Lecturer at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, to host exclusive Christmas holiday feasts this December. And there will be Chef Judy Joo and Chef Esther Choi to conduct a Korean cuisine feast in January 2023.

Children's Fun Paradise
Soneva Kiri resort is also a family-friendly hotel. Designed by Rotterdam-based architect Olav Bruin, the Resort creates a safe, eco-friendly playground named Eco Den for kids. It's a unique place where there are education, entertainment, and experiential programs to inspire kids' imagination and creativity.

A Journey of Slow Life on Koh Kood

From dining to interior furnishing, the Soneva Kiri resort adopts local, natural materials to serve guests. The Resort operates with its philosophy – experiencing your journey in the way of Slow Life. You can attend a cultural trip to explore Koh Kood island, have a parent-kid experiential journey, or enjoy snorkeling. Whatever you do is the best relaxing option to craft your stay at Soneva Kiri.

More fantastic photos are collected in Guest, published by Readingtimes.com.

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