A Renowned Heaven in South Thailand Will Reopen Soon
Fall is in the air in Taiwan. Autumn is a cooling-off season with clear and refreshing weather. But, you feel like some more summertime to be enjoyed on a sea island is a great idea, right? The famed on-earth paradise located in South Thailand will open on 15th October.

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Praised as a natural fairyland, the Mu Ko Lanta National Park of Thailand covers an area of 134 square kilometers. There are crystal-clear seawater, abundant plants and animals, and unspoiled natural landscapes. It's a tropical utopia with low environmental pollution.

This natural wonderland is annually closed for six months to maintain ecological balance and allow the flora and fauna on the islands to get rested and refreshed. The Park will reopen to tourists on 15th October 2022. A well-managed time control helps preserve local ecology sustainably.

A Journey on Two Small Islands
The Pimalai Resort and Spa is the first and only resort on the Ko Lanta. Pimalai offers five-star facilities for guests to enjoy snorkeling, Muay Thai courses, tennis sports, and spa treatment. Apart from this, Pimalai organizes a one-day tour with two different itineraries for the guests. The Resort plans these touring schemes following the local natural landscapes of the Ko Lanta.

Firstly, you can visit Koh Haa Island in the southwest to enjoy snorkeling and explore this limestone island. While diving down to the seabed, you could closely peek at natural colorful coral reefs. While getting ashore, you'll see the beautiful white sand beach. Then, you'd enjoy your time and pleasantly wander nearby the Andaman Sea to wait for the sunset moment. Lastly, you can take a boat ride back to the Resort after admiring the gorgeous sunset.

The Pimalai Resort and Spa owns seven fleets that could transfer the tourists to another island in the southwest, Koh Rok Island. The textures of the beach sands here are delicate and soft. Apart from snorkeling, you could get on a tour boat in the afternoon time to cruise the entire island and have a breathtaking panoramic view of natural landscapes.

Sustainable Development Ideas
The Pimalai Resort and Spa is the only resort on the Ko Lanta. Chosen as one of the top 50 honeymoon resorts in the world, Pimalai regularly hosts beach cleanup activities and forbids motorized water sports. The Resort plans small-scale itineraries with lower environmental impacts. After the picturesque heaven has a regular six-month rest, the Resort hopes to preserve its beauty could last for as long as possible.


 The Ko Lanta of south Thailand gets refreshed and is ready to open for tourists to adventure nature.

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