A Gastronomic Journey at the Michelin Star Restaurants of Europe
As people get used to the Michelin Guide gradually, we might as well go back to the place of its origin, Europe. The star system of Michelin was born in 1926 and began to award stars for fine dining establishments in the same year. Let's voyage on a gastronomic journey at Michelin-starred restaurants.

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In the early days, the Michelin Guide was merely a published brochure, free of charge. Later on, after World War I, the Guide made some changes, especially the listed restaurants by specific categories. As the restaurant section in the Guide was recognized and became more popular gradually, the Michelin company recruited mystery inspectors to visit and review the restaurants. After the Guide awarded its first star to fine dining establishments in1926, then went two and up to three stars, the three-star system formed accordingly.

This year, when the Michelin Guide reveals the editions of European restaurants, six pâtissiers are rewarded the Passion Dessert Prize for their great creation and commitment.

Treating Your Taste Buds at the Michelin-starred Restaurants
Best-known Three Stars Chef, Anne-Sophie Pic
Anne-Sophie Pic is the first French female chef who earned the Michelin three stars. In 2009, Pic opened her eponymous restaurant in the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland. She makes excellent use of local ingredients. And she uses various culinary techniques, such as soaking, steaming, smoking, or pickling, to layer up the flavors of the dishes. The dining area decorated with French styles adds an exquisite atmosphere to the restaurant. The Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic au Beau-Rivage Palace was rewarded two stars in the Michelin Guide soon.


When visitors come to the Beau-Rivage Palace, they'll have an impressive voyage by enjoying the Michelin-starred feast and natural beauty of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Three Michelin Stars in Thirteen Consecutive Years
Paris, the capital of France, is the first city where the Michelin Guide starts up. The Épicure restaurant in the hotel Le Bristol Paris located by the Seine has been rewarded three Michelin stars in thirteen consecutive years. The stability over time for a French gastronomic restaurant is quite a challenge. The 114 Faubourg, another Michelin-starred brasserie de luxe at the Le Bristol Paris, has earned one Michelin star for ten successive years.

It's one of great pleasure in one's life to have a meal in such a brilliant dining place. Moreover, tasting traditional French dishes made with innovative culinary arts and delicate desserts is another great treat for your taste bud.

A Must-visit Restaurant for Dessert Lovers

Located on the first floor of the hotel Cheval Blanc Paris, the Plénitude restaurant is rewarded with its first three Michelin stars as soon as it opens. It's deserved honor as the chef Arnaud Donckele has spent three years creating the menu.

Maxime Frédéric, the pastry chef of the Plénitude restaurant, creates a double puff pastry pain au chocolat, a traditional French sweet pastry, for dessert lovers. Frédéric is the winner of the Passion Dessert Prize, one of the six awarded pâtissiers this year. Newly set up in 2009, the Passion Dessert Prize from the Michelin Guide tests how a pastry chef utilizes the ingredients and his culinary techniques. More than that, this award focuses on raising people's environmental awareness.

No matter where the dishes are served by Michelin-starred restaurants in Taiwan or Europe, the diners can feel a cook's creativity and spirits through the food. Tasting the meal with thanks is the best way to pay tribute to each cook.

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