Exclusive secret spots, with the story of Penghu
Penghu boasts the fame of being one of the world's top ten secluded places. Hidden in such beautiful scenery is a villa designed with local characteristics committed to providing visitors with services comparable to those of high-class foreign hotels. Its name is Laguna Villas & Resorts.

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextWenchien Wu

In 2017, the Laguna Villas & Resorts was officially opened. Located on the Bank of Penghu's Shili Bay, it has the enchanting Shili beach on the opposite. The open design allows visitors to have a panoramic view of the sea in Penghu.

Walking in the footsteps of the photographer Chi-Hao, Wei, and the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise, Ruo-Jia, Kung's family, come to the Laguna Villas & Resorts, experiencing the considerate service and ingenious design here. Take the retro Beetle car, let’s explore the obscure secret of Penghu!

Visiting Penghu!
There are so many scenic spots worth exploring on Penghu island. For example, the scenery of Kueibishan in Beiliao is regarded as one of the eight scenic spots in Penghu. You can also capture the scene just like Moses parting the sea between the rising and falling tides if you are lucky enough.

Customized Exclusive Secret Spots
Apart from the famous scenery, tourists are also recommended by Laguna Villas & Resorts to go to exclusive secret spots, such as Heaven Road, where tourists can enjoy the clear blue-green ocean, which is about 37 minutes drive from Laguna Villas & Resorts. The secret spot, Sanshianta, is also a good choice, climbing up and overlooking Wai-an fishing village, and the gray and white houses are particularly relaxing.

Naian beach, located near Naian village and Waian village, has a sand texture closed to white sand, which is fine and soft. The reef nearby relives against the very clean beach. and few people visit, which makes it a must-visit scenic spot.


Mudouyu, A Secret Spot
Apart from the island itself, Laguna Villas & Resorts also cooperates with the traveling industry to provide package tours to explore the Mudouyu. It is a mini-island 7 kilometers apart from Jibeiyu, and is composed of basalt and is famous for its Mudouyu lighthouse.

Bathed in the sun, the sea area of Mudouyu has a rich ecological system, and crabs and other sea creatures can be seen everywhere, vitality is in the air.

Later at night, More beautiful at Penghu
When the day's journey comes to an end, go back to the Laguna Villas & Resorts with a sea view, and an infinity swimming pool. The public space draws inspiration from the local characteristics of Penghu. Columnar basalt, jellyfish, and the starry sky are integrated into the design. At night, climb to the roof floor to see the lights flicker, the panoramic view of Penghu at night is all yours.

More fantastic photos are collected in Guest, published by Readingtimes.com.

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