Amantaka: A Historic Old Town of Laos
Aman Group operates numerous low-key yet luxurious resorts in over 20 countries. Combined with natural environments, Aman Resorts focus on featuring local cultures particularly. This time, we come to the Amantaka, sited in Luang Prabang of Laos, to explore the French colonial garden estate in the old town of Laos.

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextWenchien Wu

The forerunner of Amantaka was a hospital in the French colonial period. This French Indochinese colonial building showcases its history and architectural styles through the tangerine roof, white walls, arched doors and windows, long and large lattice windows, colonnades, and more.

Luang Prabang is inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO, neighboring the sacred Mount Phou Si and surrounded by the Mekong River. Let's follow the photographer Chi-Hao, Wei, and the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise, Ruo-Jia, Kung's family, to experience the Luang Prabang, the beauty of an old town!

A Resort by the Bank of the Mekong River
Amantaka has 24 suites built along the Mekong River, which are complementary with high wooden ceilings and classic four-poster beds, demonstrating French colonial styles. According to different room types, the guest rooms offer a swimming pool, reading room, study, garden, and private courtyard, which brings the guests premier service and facilities.

Cultural Experience of an Old Town
Amantaka offers various itineraries for the guest to have a cultural journey in this quaint city. The first itinerary is that the resort recommends guests wake up early to explore and experience the teaching of Buddha. The second plan is that guests carry their cameras to photograph an old town's beauty and natural landscape. Next, guests can attend a learning program to enjoy weaving and dying cloth. Last, guests take a ride on a private boat to cruise the Mekong River.

A Cuisine Feast at the Pool Terrace
There are three dining places at Amantaka offering Laotian, French, and Western cuisines. Apart from dining in the Dining Room, the guests can taste their meals at the Pool Terrace. When night falls, the Pool Terrace complimentary with outdoor, open-air views is a perfect place where guests can taste a cup of cocktail and enjoy a relaxing time. Such an unfettered atmosphere is quite different from the formal, overcautious one at the indoor Restaurant.

Aman Resort and the Virtuous Cycle
Aman Resorts make a long-term plan for local communities where the hotels rest. The scheme includes environmental conservation, preservation of local cultures, fair trade, and women and children's rights and interests. Aman Resorts have fifteen retreat hotels located at the World Heritage Sites, and Amantaka is one of them. To preserve such treasured cultural heritage, Amantaka offers the preservation of material objects and the support of local economics to keep bringing virtuous cycles of goodness and love to the local community

There are still numerous historical sites waiting for discovery in this time-honored old town of Laos. You can explore local history and culture by tasting local cuisine, experiencing local religious beliefs, or just being obsessed with the natural landscape. Every adventure will be the best arrangement.

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