Sunset and the Ocean: Leisure with the Whole Island
For some people, taking a vacation means taking a good rest in a serene place. Then the “one island, one resort” Six Senses Krabey Island in Cambodia, is suitable for you.

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextWenchien Wu

On Krabey Island, an offshore isolated island near Krong Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia, Six Senses established a luxury resort hotel, which integrates with the local ecology as one and respects the local sustainable development. Together with the photographer Chi-Hao, Wei, and the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise, Ruo-Jia, Kung's family, let's explore this land of peace!

Yoga in the Morning, Wine in Sunset
Nine o'clock in the morning is the most refreshing time of the day. Join the Aerial Yoga class and give your body a relaxing experience through every stretch. Another choice is to put on a swimsuit and immerse yourself in the swimming pool outside your room, enjoy the cool and comfortable water and your brand-new day can be awakened.


Diversity of Cuisine
At noon, there are many kinds of restaurants to choose from in the resort hotel, and design ingenuity can be seen everywhere. AHA restaurant provides international cuisine; Tree restaurant provides the most local cuisine, and they all use local seasonal vegetables as ingredients. There are even courses teaching you how to cook local cuisine. Let’s walk in the chef’s footsteps and make your own Cambodian cuisine.

Of course, if you want to simply enjoy a chill time, staying in your room all day and having meals provided by a special-assigned person is also a good choice.

Time for Parent and Child Together

In the cooler afternoon, there are more activities that can be chosen. You can embark on an adventure with your children on the island on foot and visit the residences of birds and butterflies. Or go out to sea to experience fishing, go into the woods to immerse yourself in Phytoncide, pay a visit to the organic kitchen garden, or put on diving equipment to enjoy playing in coral reefs.

The Dazzling View in Sunset Bar
When the sun goes down, take a stroll along the pallet to the Sunset Bar. The open design enables visitors to have a panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand. Make a toast to the sunset with cocktails made by the bartenders.

When the whole day’s journey draws to an end, it's good for you to choose either an herbal compress ball massage or a spa.
Expressing love, maintaining Sustainability
Behind these comprehensive facilities and considerate services, Six Senses also insist on its belief that it not only takes the local natural plant into consideration while designing, but also takes the initiative to conserve butterflies, birds and bees, and protect the adjacent ocean as well.

Apart from cooperating with AllKids, a local non-profit organization in Cambodia to improve the education of underprivileged children, local farmers are also assisted in growing organic vegetables, and then their agricultural products are purchased so that their financial status can be stabilized. In all respects, the possibility of sustainability can be embodied.

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