Entering the Kenyan Savanna, Getting Close to the Wildlife
The first experience of the animals for most people of Taiwan is the zoos over the island. Have you ever imagined what the zebra, giraffe, and hippo look like when they are in the savanna, the home of wildlife? Being full of vitality is the real life of this Kenyan savanna.

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextWenchien Wu

The Great Migration in Kenya every year from June to September is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the ''New Eighth Wonder of the World''. The wildlife is the leading role in this vast grassland. You shouldn't miss any wild yet beautiful natural scenery while visiting Kenya.

It's not necessary to visit here to get close to the wild animals in peak seasons. Just follow Chi-Hao WEI, a famous photographer, and his wife Ruo-Jia KUNG, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise, to stay at the Loldia House to experience the life of Kenya's early colonial era, get a touch with the wildlife, and even help promote the sustainable development for the local community.

Hippos Around You
Sited in the center of the wild animal region in Eastern Africa, the Loldia House guides people to experience primitive life yet reserves the quality of traveling. Over the past five decades, the Loldia House has been the leading safari in the Masai Mara region, which is with everything needed available for the food, traffic, facilities, and diverse travel schedules.

The Loldia House is surrounded by gardens. When gazing into the distance, the guests could appreciate the stratovolcano across the lake, Mount Longonot. The spa room at the poolside offers a comprehensive treatment service for the guests.

And at night, some hippos might even roam around the Loldia House. So if the guests need to beware during a night trip as they might have a surprising encounter with this wildlife at any time.

Visiting the Wildlife
While sitting on a jeep and led by the tour guide, you could not just see the wild animals directly, but get off to take a closer look. The wildlife is so close to you, right under your nose, which is extremely different from saying hello to the animals in the zoo through the glass window. It's a wonderful experience to be under the same sky with the vibrant wildlife, a feeling of actually being there.


While sitting on the boat, you could see the hippos swimming on the surface of the lake. When you stare at the hippos, they look at you too. It seems that all the living creatures here are equal passing travelers of the universe to share the same lake & live in each other's comfortable ways.


Sustainable Development for Long-lasting Coexistence with Nature
The Loldia House offers travelers a unique experience of visiting the wildlife, sightseeing the undeveloped natural landscape, and understanding the local culture of Kenya. This beautiful farmhouse offers travelers not just an accommodation experience but diverse proposals of nature adventures.

Meanwhile, the Loldia House hopes to give back to the local culture and wildlife. It aims to improve the local community's medical environment and education resources and aggressively look for plans to reduce the environmental impact. After all, sustainable development is the best solution for people and all living things to coexist in this beautiful natural place.

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