The Must-Visit Library-themed Hotels in Tokyo
Tokyo is a city where you could always find freshly brewed coffee and immerse in its literary atmosphere. Is that all you know about Tokyo? Nope, you need more! Here is a hotel list with three library-themed hotels in Tokyo to pay a visit. Add them to your collection list!


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Tokyo is a hectic city. Travelers who love literature and art could visit the following three library-themed hotels in Tokyo. The first one is a newly opened Book Hotel Jimbocho, located in Jimbocho, the biggest used bookstore street in Tokyo and featured the book pairing service. The second one is the Shiba Park Hotel, directed by Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore and featured a collection of books. The last one is the Book And Bed Tokyo Shinjuku, a capsule hotel featuring a comic book theme. These three library hotels all make visitors immerse in a literary atmosphere and feel pleasured to fall asleep while surrounded by books.

Books: A New Universal Language of the World
Book Hotel Jimbocho, Featured the Book Pairing Service

Jimbocho is the biggest used bookstore street in Tokyo and the mecca of book lovers as well. Newly open last December, the Book Hotel Jimbocho collaborates with a Japanese major publisher Shogakukan for placing a collection of 2,000 books in the hotel. There are various themes planned for each floor, such as the theme called "Think back to the Prime of Youth," "The Desire to Cry Today," or "Let's Stay up all Night to Enjoy the World of Detective Fiction!" The entire hotel is like a small library.

As for services, the hotel offers a consultation service and launches a new paid service this May - Book Pairing Service. This new service will be provided by a specially-assigned servant, who'll serve the guest a cup of customized coffee to pair up with the selected book. For example, a cup of espresso would be served to pair up with a book of full-length detective fiction, or a cup of fruity-flavored coffee would be served to match a romance novel. Such an inventive service will be the most unique enjoyment for the guests.


Shiba Park Hotel, Directed by Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore
The Tsutaya Bookstore is always famed for its unique taste in book selection and featured its high qualified book display. Directed by Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore, the Shiba Park Hotel's Library Lounge carries on the same style as what the Tsutaya Bookstore presents. The Library Lounge placed at the corner of the hotel is built as a relaxing place where the guests could enjoy tea, coffee, and books for free. There are 1,500 books collected in the Library Lounge, the main genres of books include Japanese culture, architecture, photography, and art. Guests could pick up and read books by themselves, and ask the concierge to recommend the most suitable book for them as well.


The 3rd Hotel on the List: Book And Bed Tokyo Shinjuku
For the travelers who get used to leaving early and returning late, a capsule hotel is an option that is novel and has economic benefits. However, instead of promoting favorable prices, the Book And Bed Tokyo Shinjuku located in Shinjuku is well-known for hanging numerous comic books on the ceiling. Such a unique decorative style makes the hotel look outstanding.

As for the styles of book selection, the hotel collects the genres of novels, magazines, and travel books. Such a book collection is pretty popular among young people. The hotel offers various room types. More than that, a coffee shop is set inside the hotel to offer a peaceful place where the guests could read books.

© Book And Bed Tokyo

Is it a tough decision to make for selecting which one of these three library-themed hotels to stay in? It's a good idea to spend more days in Tokyo!

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