The Beige: A Zen-style Camping Tent Resort in Cambodia
This coronavirus pandemic made earthshaking changes to people's ideas about travel. A new traveling trend, a tour far away from the crowded, has turned from a niche market into the mainstream in the post-covid-19 era. Let's try this hot traveling destination, an natural experience at the home of Angkor Wat in Cambodia - a luxury camping tent!

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextBecky Tu

The Beige Resort, sited in Siem Reap of Cambodia, is ensconced in a lush world where it's about 10 minutes by car from Angkor Thom. Though neighboring the World Heritage Sites which attracts travelers worldwide, The Beige is so blessed and surrounded by unique, luxuriant, and green land of peace.

With 10 hectares, just 11 tents are sitting in this luxury resort, a completely private environment. Here is the guest experience in the hotel from the family of Chi-Hao Wei, a famous photographer, and Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise. This article is going to tell you how this luxury tent resort gives them a special, cultural tour experience.

A Tent-style Look, Reversing Ideas!
The Beige is a hotel with eleven tent-style guest rooms in a private garden environment. This deluxe resort sits in a region neighboring the World Heritage Sites, such as 11 to 12 kilometers from the Angkor Thom, 13 kilometers from the Angkor Wat, 20 kilometers from the Old Market area/ Pub Street, and 15 to 16 kilometers from the new Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport. The property offers free airport transfer and shuttle service to the city center. 

Guiding by the resort staff to enter The Beige, there are only 11 guest rooms in this expansive garden area, including the following four room types: Deluxe Suite Tent, Pool Deluxe Suite Tent, Suite Tent, and River Front Superior Tent. And each guest room is a "Beige Tent" with an exclusive exterior style, which not just echoes the resort's name but brings the idea of deluxe camping into life. Rather than the cement and rebar, the beige tent roof adopts the sailcloth-like fabric, which is like a heavy canvas used for a yacht but lightweight and durable.


After pushing the wood gates open, the tent uses the beige tone as the main color of the interior decoration. The antique wood furniture showcases a minimal lifestyle that expresses a French cultural influence on Khmer history. Also, the interior furnishings, like the bamboo basket, cattail-leaf fan, & cotton- and hemp-made handiwork, create a relaxing atmosphere fitting with the surroundings. All of these settings are to make guests feel eased and enjoy their relaxing stays in this private, expansive, and peaceful place.


In this gorgeous lush world, guests would encounter wildlife more than humans. Rambai, an elephant, is the most famous resident at The Beige. He arrives at the restaurant at 8:30am every morning. If guests want to have fun with the elephant, such as taking selfie photos with Rambai or feeding Rambai, just come to the restaurant at the said time. Moreover, water buffaloes are one of the wild residents here. Guests can witness them graze in the field or bathe in the mud pool. It's an interesting experience, isn't it?

A floating forest pool is the most popular facility of The Beige. This infinity pool is suspended above the forests so guests can enjoy magnificent views here, like a floating VIP seat in the air. There is an outdoor fireplace at The Beige, where it's neighboring the Siem Reap River. Guests can enjoy the fantastic scenery - forests wearing red coating, a unique painting created by nature during the sunset moment. And there's a farm in the resort offering fresh vegetables and fruits to the restaurant.
Meanwhile, The Beige can arrange activities per request, including having a private picnic at an ancient temple, a normal picnic, going for a spin in a jeep or motorcycle, touring the small town by walks, and yoga courses. With friendly and thoughtful services, our stays at The Beige are so comfortable, like staying at home. It's also a special journey replete with interesting experiences and cultural immersion.


More fantastic photos are collected in Guest, published by Readingtimes.com.

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