Park Hyatt Zanzibar- The Ideal Place to Visit a World Heritage Site
Park Hyatt Zanzibar is situated in the World Heritage Site- Stone Town, which takes in the vast Indian Ocean views perfectly through the architectural carrier of unique cultural fusion. Come to experience the journey of spiritual abundance.

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextBecky Tu

The Zanzibar Archipelago is one of the territories of Tanzania, East Africa. Nonetheless, its geographical location between the Africa Continent and Arabic countries naturally infuses the cultural features of both sides. In the sample of Stone Town, the largest city on the island and the World Heritage Site, the local residents are emanating the Islamic atmosphere from the apparel to the architecture.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar is the first five-star hotel situated in Stone Town and has been selected as the Best Hotel Interior African in 2016 since its operation in 2015. The Hotel is located at the center of the Old Downtown of Stone Town, which combines the Oman style and modest luxury while taking in the front white beach and the Indian Ocean views at twilight. Now, let’s follow photographer Chi-Hao Wei and Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise to visit the ample views between the African culture and Islamic customs in these gorgeous days.

Dazzling Pearl through Historic Grading
Park Hyatt Zanzibar is divided into two sections and the most attractive section to the travelers is the Mambo Msiige building. This building was built in 1847, whose name refers to “Nonreplicable or non-imitated.” This building used to be the mansion for wealthy Oman businessmen. After the restoration, people can see the sumptuous carved gate and the majestic and serene garden in the past. The other section of the hotel is the new Zamani Residence, which is designed with a terrace overlooking the infinite ocean views of the Indian Ocean, and is particularly romantic at sunset.


The hotel owns 67 luxury suites, combining the rich cultural atmosphere, modest elegance and modern styles. Nearly all Ocean View Suites come with a terrace so that the travelers can be companied by the invincible ocean view in luxury. The lampshade, boxes inlaid with traditional brass, and the flowery carving in the suites adeptly fuse the Arabic and Indian styles with a special sensation.
The ocean views from the terrace with multiple layers of blueness can really fascinate people by just looking at the photos. One can never get tired from looking at the ocean views for the whole day.



The white beach in front of Park Hyatt Zanzibar consists of fine and dense sand that is suitable for playing with the sand all day. The unique catboats by the ocean are something you may want to try. Particularly, putting out to the ocean with the last sunset and enjoying the Indian Ocean dyeing with the golden brightness is idleness in luxury.


The location of the hotel contributes to the convenience of exploring Stone Town – the World Heritage Site. Stone Town is a coastal commercial city built by the Swahili people of East Africa. It was once the capital of Sultans of Zanzibar and the trade center for economy, spices and slaves in the 19th century. Stone Town preserves the city buildings and views from thousand years ago. There are maze-like meandering allies in the city, bustling and noisy markets, the solemn Mosque, and magnificent Arabic houses. Take a stroll and you can appreciate the locally famous Zanzibar doors carved with grandeur wooden sculpture and decorated with steel nails. You can also visit Forodhani Gardens, The Old Fort, The Old Dispensary, The Peace Memorial Museum, The Palace Museum, The House of Wonders, and other famous scenic sites on foot.  


Stone Town well preserves these historic buildings so that travelers in later generations can still explore these buildings integrating the African, Arabic, Indian, and European cultures under the flow of time, and perceive the valuable historic context.


More fantastic photos are collected in Guest, published by Readingtimes.com.

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