Private Paradise in The Philippines: Amanpulo
We know that the summer in Taiwan has officially ended, but the beach bums like you guys still cling to the natural, salty sea breeze, don't you? Today our next stop is Amanpulo, an Aman Group's island resort nearest to Taiwan. Amanpulo has its own island and beach frontage that you can enjoy an exclusive green sea and blue sky and walk barefoot on the white sand beach. What a dreamy private-island paradise!

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextBecky Tu

Amanpulo is named as the "peaceful island", coming from the Filipino word Pulo (for an island) and the Sanskrit word Aman (for peace), which is the exclusive resort of the Aman Group in the Philippines. Located in Pamalican Island, a private island of northern Palawan in the Philippines, Amanpulo offers the dreamiest hotel experience many people desire - One Island, One Resort. This island resort is only accessible by private chartered flights, approximately 70 minutes by air from Manila.

With the unique geography, like living in seclusion, Amanpulo has high privacy. And therefore, a Hollywood superstar, Tom Cruise, had been to the five-star luxury island resort. Surrounded by the Sulu Sea in the Pamalican Island of the Philippines, Amanpulo has natural geography of the beautiful turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs. More than that, the natural geography includes the bushy, verdant tropical vegetation and the coastal white sand beaches. Such a Utopia of reality gives a fantastic family vacation experience for the photographer Chi-Hao Wei, his wife Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of Yii Cultural Enterprise, and their children.

One Island, One Paradise: A Peaceful Time in Amanpulo
Amanpulo opened in 1993 has a total of 40 casitas. Designed by the award-winning Filipino architect Francisco Bobby Manosa, talented in presenting traditional Filipino architectural style and spirit via modern design thinking, Amanpulo Resort only covered a 10-percent area of this private island aims to make the guests experience the local culture, one of the star characteristics of Aman Resorts. Casitas are not just modeled on local Bahay Kubo dwellings but decorated with local materials for the interiors. The natural materials include pebble-made walls, coconut-shell-made tables, king-size beds with rattan headboards, and more. These decorative details show the low-profile and simple expressions to perfectly fit with the natural scenery - blue skies, clear turquoise seas, and beautiful white-sand beaches.

In this visitor-exclusive island resort, guests can select either casita or villa to check in. A stay at any of these luxurious housing will show different natural scenery around the island for guests, such as neighboring the tropical vegetation, or enjoying the stunning views over the hill, or appreciating the breath-taking panoramic views of the sea. Among these, if the guests book the Beach Casita, they will have a private beach to walk to without any disturbance as soon as they open the back gate of the lodging.

Covered approximately 90 hectares, Amanpulo Resort is on the long-and-narrow-shaped Pamalican Island, a small coral reef island in the northern Palawan of the Philippines. Surrounded by white sands, Pamalican Island has an approximate 7-square-kilometer coral reef under the turquoise waters. The coral reef is just 50 to 300 meters from the seashore. Over the neighboring waters, it's always to see much marine life such as the dolphins, big sea turtles, and Mobula. Here is not just the travelers' favorite tourist spot but a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Amanpulo can plan for the snorkeling and a diving trip with a private guide if guests would like to give their children some on-site educational courses about marine conservation. So the kids could see the living sea turtles, which can help them know more about the ocean conservation issue for the endangered sea turtles.

Amanpulo is reached exclusively by private chartered flights and has set up a 1200-meter runway equipped with lighting for the chartered flights to land at night. Amanpulo is a perfect beach resort with self-sufficiency even though it's far away from the urban cities. Apart from its own solar-powered system and sewage treatment, recycling the scrap metals, composting for reforestation, this island resort sets up a satellite dish for offering the guests the services of cable TV, internet, and International Direct Dial (IDD).

Every night in Amanpulo, you can see the Milky Way as soon as looking up in the sky, which is unlimited beautiful scenery, a blessed gift from nature.

More fantastic photos are collected in Guest, published by Readingtimes.com.

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