Beau-Rivage Palace of Switzerland: An Exquisite Autumn View of Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva in Switzerland is the largest lake in the Alps Lake Group, with a mirror-like surface and flawless blue color all year round. Its picturesque beauty is always on travelers' list of dream places. At the time of autumn, follow Yii to Switzerland and visit the Beau-Rivage Palace, where you can be enchanted by the breathtaking view of Lake Geneva with the simple push of a window!

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Some say you have to visit Switzerland four times a year to see this country's beauty to the fullest. As autumn approaches, the leaves begin to turn from green to red, then from red to yellow, and finally to fall with the wind, depicting the changes of autumn in Switzerland with an elegance that seems like a dreamy poem. You can see the colorful leaves falling in the lakeside forests, on the roadside fields, in the streets and alleys, and on every corner.

The beauty of Switzerland is that every flower, every grass, every mountain, every water, every house, and every person is harmoniously integrated, and every scene is beautiful like a postcard. Let us experience the classic beauty of Beau-Rivage Palace, a five-star hotel of 100 years, with a stunning view of Lake Geneva in autumn.

The Prestigious View of Lake and Mountain Beyond the Window
Lausanne, one of the most famous cities on the shores of Lake Geneva, is built on three hills surrounded by vineyard-covered slopes, with Lake Geneva beneath. With the spectacular scenery, Lausanne is like a fairy tale kingdom in the autumn, with the yellow and green leaves flying around, elegantly nestled in a landscape of stunning mountains and lakes.

The Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne is the perfect place to stay that fits the beauty of the city. Since its establishment in 1861, the Beau-Rivage Palace has been one of the leading Swiss hotels, recording a long history of tradition and innovation, heritage and modernity. The Beau-Rivage Palace has been visited by numerous dignitaries, including the French writer Victor Hugo, the comedian Chaplin, the queen of fashion Chanel, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, as well as President Richard Nixon and the father of the South African nation Nelson Mandela. 

Located in a private garden on the shores of Lake Geneva, this 168-room hotel was renovated between 2012 and 2014 by renowned architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, who incorporated the shimmering natural beauty of Lake Geneva into this century-old five-star hotel with a light color palette and mirror effects. Each room elegantly embraces the beauty of Lake Geneva's waters, while light green, sky blue, and soft beige colors dominate the interior, and traditional twisted floral fabrics adorn the bed headboard. Just like the tranquil lake view outside, the rooms create a relaxing and elegant atmosphere inside.

The spacious and comfortable marble bathroom is also made of transparent glass instead of thick walls so that even in the bathroom, you can enjoy the unparalleled view of the lake and water. Just push open the floor-to-ceiling window, you can enjoy the blue sky, distant mountains, and green water throughout the seasons.


The hotel's classic design transcends the times and ages, with bright marble floors, dazzling crystal chandeliers, delicate reliefs on the walls and patio, and intricately patterned iron railings on the staircase, it is as if you have traveled back in time to the good old days of 19th century Europe.

Listening to the distant and lingering chimes of the Lausanne Cathedral, it seems that the travelers can find a place of tranquility in the quiet and elegant embrace of Beau-Rivage Palace.


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