Amanfayun—the Hidden Scenery in Secluded and Solemn Ancient Painting
Amanfayun adopts a vintage design to share this clean land reflected in the emerald green tea fields and verdant bamboo, adjacent to the Lingyin Temple in Xihu and away from the bustling world, with travelers for the peaceful and quiet time.

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextBecky Tu

Located between the valleys west of West Lake, Hangzhou, Amanfayun is the second Aman location in China. The hotel is approximately 20 minutes from Hangzhou City downtown and situated in the Tianzhu Ancient Village surrounded by temples and tea fields. Moreover, the hotel and tea fields occupy about 14 hectares of area and are adjacent to the famous Lingyin Temple.

There are 46 abodes in Amanfayun and the buildings can be dated to the Tang Dynasty. They were once the residential area for villagers in nearby tea gardens. The Aman style upholding to vintage design is completely presented at Amanfayun with the reserved and retro beauty. Now, let’s follow the family of Chi-Hao Wei, the photographer, and Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of Yii Cultural Enterprise, to rest our minds with this picturesque scenery.

A Century of Leisure Travel
Amanfayun is only 6km from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Xihu, which is adjacent to the lively Lingyin Temple. Amanfayun embraces a mountain of forests and rivers and quietly becomes a clean land of tranquility, next to seven temples, forests, and tea fields. This used to be an ancient village with approximately 2 to 3 hundred years of history. After the settlement of Aman, the designers reserved the main structure without destruction and tried their best to preserve the original look for renovation. The brick walls and roof tile were redesigned and replaced with indoor passage and floor paved with stones, where the wooden structure was reserved as vintage or replaced with similar materials as an upgrade, to reshape the plain and modernly graceful environment. 

There is a 600-meter main path, “Fayunnon” in the entire Amanfayun, which connects all guest rooms and public facilities located in different places. Fayunnon is also the public road situated in the nearby village and hence the monks and visitors are commonly seen walking on this stone path. Since Amanfayun is surrounded by seven famous temples and shrines, including the famous Lingyin Temple and Yongfu Temple, and hence attracting countless guests and monks to the temple, offering a specific peaceful atmosphere to people.  

Renovated from an ancient village, nearly all places of Amanfayun preserved the original look of village houses. Hence each place differs and guests feel like they have checked in a real ancient village. The interior ceiling consists of wooden pillars and beams, forming a Chinese frame. The greaseproof lantern hanging in the room, the plain wood-pattern furniture, the wooden-veneer panel with carving plus the old-style wooden window as well as the Chinese calligraphy hanging on the wall all contribute to the calmness and elegance of the guestrooms. While preserving the ancient and plain look, the stone flooring of the guestrooms is installed with radiant floor heating that turns into a secluded and quiet space after closing the door gently. 

This place is only 6km from Xihu and is convenient to enjoy the West Lake view. Each morning is the most serene moment of Xihu as it becomes a forgotten painting out of this world, embellished by ancient temples and small bridges. Even the gardens on the sides are beautiful sceneries to view. It would be such a precious and casual moment to take the boat and paddle in the lake or to ride the bike by the lakeshore. 

Reflected between the tea fields and natural green forests, and adjacent to the lakeshore landscape of ancient temples, Amanfayun is a treasure land for walking and searching for tranquility. 

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