Drunk in the Oceanic Embrace of Amanwella
Constructed in the modern minimalist style and shaded in coconut groves, Amanwella lulls the tropical vibes of Sri Lanka into seclusion and serenity. Every moment here suitably soothes your five senses: perhaps it is the rolling waves in sparkling sunshine; perhaps it is the play of sunlight on the water at sunset.

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextBecky Tu

Amanwella derives its name from two words: aman, meaning “peace” in Sanskrit, and wella, meaning “beach” in Sinhalese, combining to represent a “peaceful beach.” Tucked away on a beautiful beach to the west of Tangalle, Sri Lanka, Amanwella boasts an exclusive stretch of coast with groves of coconut trees on it, the Arcadian tranquility aptly interpreting the hotel’s name.

The forecourt of the hotel alone, stripped of any redundant decorations, demonstrates minimalism, which coaxes travelers to cast off their earthly worries and sorrows. Now follow the family of Chi-Hao Wei, the photographer, and Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of Yii Cultural Enterprise, and indulge in this blue enchantment!

The Therapeutic Effect of the Beautiful Scenery
Amanwella enfolds the hillside in her arms. Kerry Hill, the architect for Aman, integrates local building materials and the local style through modern design, with the result of red-tiled roof, milky hand-built stone wall, austere wooden doors and windows, and glass walls. Minimalist architectural lines and the light create an aura of smartness, graciously shelter the body of the building in the shades of the woods, and gently face the sea breeze. Not only can the design offer a panorama of the azure scene on Sri Lanka’s south coast, but it can also let the travelers take solace in the oceanic atmosphere truly and naturally.

The hotel claims a total of 30 suites, whose palette is light brown in their overall design, paired with modern wooden furniture and terracotta tiled floors to convey exquisite but unpretentious comfort. Every suite has its own private swimming pool, a terrace facing the ocean, and a garden. In addition, both sides of the room are ingeniously designed and fitted with sliding French doors. Opening the doors on either side of the room and breaking down spatial barriers between the inside and the outside “literally” make the view of the azure ocean spread out before your eyes. The outdoor swimming pool, overlooking the beach, the dark green ocean, and coconut groves, is furthermore extolled as one of the most popular swimming pools in the world.

The hotel also features any number of relaxing corners here and there, just right for visitors to roam at ease. Bundala National Park and Udawalawe National Park are within around two and a half hours’ drive, where visitors can observe wild elephants, sika deer, boars, and traces of migrants, and arrange such multiple itineraries as jungle tours and cycling trips to enrich their journey.

Sri Lanka is extolled as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, where Amangalla and Amanwella are situated within two hours’ drive of each other, making it a perfect choice to experience Sri Lanka’s beautiful scenery and culture.

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