Amangalla: The Shimmering Star Among the Ancient City
Amangalla, a heavenly resort hidden in the ancient city of over 400 years, contains the western amorous feelings in its oriental spirit, guiding the guests to feel the richness of the ages at a leisurely and relaxing pace.

PhotoChi-Hao, Wei

TextBecky Tu

Located in the ancient city of Galle, Sri Lanka, Amangalla has a history dating back to 1684, when it was the colonial residence of the East India Company and was used as the official residence of the Dutch Chief Executive and the quarters of the British garrison. In 1863, British merchants established the "Oriental Hotel," which was later renamed as "New Oriental Hotel," and was acquired by Aman Hotel Group in 2002. Since then, Amangalla has become another charming scenery among the gorgeous ancient city.

This three-story colonial building with 29 rooms is located on a street full of traces of the past. However, the flood of time seems to have left this place untouched. Join photographer Chi-Hao Wei and the family of Ruo-Jia Kung, founder of Yii Cultural Enterprise, on a nostalgic trip through ancient wonders!

Stepping Into the Glamorous Slumber of The Days Gone
Sri Lanka has been colonized by Portugal, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, leaving behind historical traces of cultural interchanges everywhere. Galle, a waterfront city located in the south, is the fourth largest city in Sri Lanka and the city of the most exotic atmosphere. The old town and castle of Galle, built by the Portuguese in 1589, is one of the United Nations World Heritage Sites.

A walk through the old city is like being in a movie scene or a tranquil moment in the stasis of time. Whether it is the European-style streets, baroque churches, or modest mosques, all coexist harmoniously in this small town, leaving a deep mark of time on this Sri Lankan fortress.

The Aman Hotel Group has chosen to integrate Amangalla in a way that best suits the landscape and culture of the old city of Galle. Even after 100 years, Amangalla shows no signs of age or decay. The three-story building overlooks the harbor on one side, while on the other side, it offers a panoramic view of the hotel's lush gardens.

Upon entering the hotel, the high ceiling of the entrance hall is hung with vintage ceiling fans and chandeliers, the open arched windows, the grand mahogany chairs, the light piercing through the large louvered windows, and the careful display of oriental crafts and mosaic tiles, all of which bring you back to the old colonial days. Amangalla retains the antique style in the interior, while adds elaborate details to bring an elegant contemporary atmosphere that mixed excellently with vintages.

Each room is equipped with a luxurious four-poster antique bed, a dining table, a desk, and a locker, all in the rustic but not bulky wooden style which provides a soothing vibe. The flooring is made of Burmese teak, which gives the room a sense of ease and relaxation unique to Southeast Asia.

Immerse yourself in the laidback atmosphere of the old city of Galle and Amangalla, and have a leisurely afternoon tea is the most appropriate afternoon activity. Have yourself a pot of Ceylon black tea and English scones, slowly savor the time of hundreds of years. For now, let's just forget the word "rush"!

Amangalla is a place where you can feel true tranquility, peace, and slow life everywhere. A world you could leave your bustle and hustle life behind.

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