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Komaneka at Monkey Forest is located on downtown Ubud in Bali. It is a peaceful oasis in the heart of the bustling city. With advantageous geographic location, The hotel offers urban convenience and countryside landscape, providing guests the best of both worlds.



Komaneka Resorts in Ubud are owned by the Neka Family, consisting of 4 resorts on Ubud. Each resort features a limited number of rooms, each with distinct style and view.

The resort on Monkey Forest Road is situated in the bustling hub of downtown Ubud, oering easy access to popular tourist destinations in the city. For example, the Neka Art Museum is located opposite the hotel, while the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a mere 10-minute walk from the hotel. Ubud Traditional Art Market is also a stone's throw away from the hotel.

Quiet sanctuary amidst the urban hubbub
We stayed at 2 different Komaneka resorts, namely Komaneka at Bisma and MonkeyForest. Bisma is well-known for its rich country, artistic ambiance, while Monkey Forest is more like a boutique hotel. Albeit without opulent architectural façade, the refined interior concealed beneath the unassuming exterior must be seen to be appreciated.

As the name Komaneka at Monkey Forest suggests, the resort was named after the Monkey Forest. Monkey Forest is a mountain inhabited by monkeys. Not long ago, it was reported that a female tourist's chest was grabbed by monkeys in Monkey Forest; the news caused quite a stir at the time. In spite of this, naughty monkeys have not deterred tourist from visiting Monkey Forest.

I remembered passing through downtown Ubud en route to our hotel, and the streets were inundated with all kinds of noises. Magically, after we entered the hotel lobby, we were greeted by complete silence. In just under a minute, all the hubbub and clamor outside have all but disappeared. Standing in the hotel, we only heard the pleasant chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves as the gentle breeze blew across the trees. This is the unique charisma of Komaneka: complete tranquility and serenity.

The design of Komaneka at Monkey Forest was also rather special, featuring a long hallway leading from the lobby to a vast expanse of verdant terraced fields. It seemed as if the room was surrounded by the terraced elds in the middle of the countryside. Although the number of rooms is limited, each room is very spacious. Consistent with the artistic spirit of Komaneka, the interior is furnished with an abundance of art installations. In particular, the wooden furniture and thatched roof over the common area help to accentuate the exclusive tropical sentiment of Bali. Even more surprisingly, we simply loved the splendid ower arrangement on the bed and adorable towel animals!

Agriculture and tourism complementing each other

We were glad to have chosen this hotel, because unlike other luxury hotels that can sometimes feel aloof, Komaneka offered a friendly, cordial vibe. As the hotel was by no means big, there were not too many guests crowding up the place. On top of that, the staff at Komaneka was extremely courteous, friendly and attentive, creating an easy-going, relaxing atmosphere.

Rooms here are equipped with spacious terrace for the guests to take in the surrounding 098 Precious hotel in harmony with nature.Komaneka at Monkey Forest sceneries. Full of wisdom, the Balinese people have refrained from destroying agricultural land for the sake of business or tourism development. Instead, they choose to coexist with nature in a symbiotic way, and that is why tourists are able to enjoy authentic countryside landscape in Ubud. Interestingly, while taking photos my husband noticed a hotel in every other plot of land. In order to maintain the integrity of the terraced elds, the hotels were built according to the terrain. It is this act of cherishing the environment that ensures each hotel can share such stunning landscape.

World-classterraced field landscape

Before coming in contact with modern civilization, the early settlers of Bali created a cooperative water management system known as subak using a series of canals, tunnels and weirs. The system's origin dates back to the 9th century. Simply put, all the terraced fields on Bali are irrigated using the subak system, which constantly expanded over the last 1,000 years into the scale today. Subak embodies the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which literally translates as the Three Causes to Prosperity. This universal concept ties together the relationship of people with God, their surroundings and humanity. The Little Princess's fantastic journey 099 philosophy is the culmination of interaction between Balinese and Indian culture over the past 10 centuries, forming the unique cultural landscape of Bali. The overlapping terraced fields on the island are not only a worldrenowned UNESCO world heritage site but also make the people of Bali the most prolic paddy rice producer among all the islands of Indonesia.

In order to admire the world-class terraced field landscape, my husband and I took Little Princess to visit the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. Despite the rain, we were astounded by the number of tourists cramming into Jatiluwih when we arrived at our destination. Everyone braved the rain, eager to catch a glimpse of the majestic terraced fields in person. Due to the rain, the terraced fields appeared more verdant, and the whirling cloud and mist made us feel that we were walking in the clouds. Seeing such fabulous cloud enshrouding the terraced fields, my husband grabbed his camera and snapped away to capture the ever-changing scenery. On the way back to the hotel, we saw an endless stream of buses heading up the mountain, demonstrating the popularity of the scenic destination during any day of the year. After returning to downtown Ubud, we went shopping with Little Princess. Just like a treasure hunt, we loved picking for handicrafts at the local markets, and we consider it one of the enjoyments of traveling abroad.

During this trip to Ubud, we were delighted by the rich countryside ambiance and peaceful rural lifestyle. The journey reinvigorated our body and soul and relieved us of the fatigue of living in the city, so that we could embark on our next adventure with a jovial heart.

Komaneka at Monkey Forest

Number of rooms: 22
Room price: Starts at: NT$8,000 per room
Address: Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Tel.: +62 361 4792518
Website: Monkeyforest.komaneka.com
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