A Stunning Luxury Sasaab Journey in the Heart of the Samburu Wilderness
Near Ewaso Nyiro River and in midst of the equatorial draught and scorch, the fascinating Sasaab, situated in north-central Kenya, interprets the overflowing vigor of the wilderness.


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Situated in Kenya, East Africa, Samburu National Reserve is approximately 345 KM from Nairobi the capital city, and a 7-hour drive. This region full of Africa’s wild movement and cultural treasures is more than one scenic spot for short period but worth taking a long journey by travelers.

Habituated next to the Samburu National Reserve is Sasaab, a place that embraces this stunning call of wilderness and many travelers have come from thousands of miles away and chosen to settle here. Sasaab only offers 9 tented lodges but each one is designed over 100 square meters, which remotely respond to the vast land of Africa stretched far out.

The best time to visit Samburu would be during the dry seasons of the year, between June and October, and between December and March in the following year. Now, let’s follow photographer Chi-Hao Wei and Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise to visit Samburu and feel that heart-pounding excitement of the infinite wilderness in Africa.

Feel the Call of the Wild
Sasaab and the most desirable place for many people to visit in life “Giraffe Manor”, belong to the Safari Collection Group, which sure will not disappoint you. The exceptionality of Sasaab is the accommodation choice recommended by many travelers in Kenya. 

Sasaab offers only 9 tented lodges, whose design infuses the Swahili and Moroccan styles. All windows are installed with an insect window screen, which makes it convenient to appreciate the views or observe animal ecology remotely by just opening the window. Although the rooms are known as tented lodges, the elevated straw roof and cool and polished concrete flooring plus complete sets of bathroom facilities, as well as the exclusive water pools and private balconies, Sasaab is just like a luxury accommodation of the jungle. 

More specially, each room comes with a 24-hour full-time housekeeper, a driver, a jungle explorer vehicle, and a local person wearing traditional Samburu clothing. For an itinerary involving higher risks, there will be another person with a hunting gun. In other words, each camp will be allocated with 4 service personnel and one vehicle. 

Adjacent to the Samburu National Reserve and at the south side, the Ewaso Nyiro River flows by with a total area of approximately 165 square kilometers, which overlooks another Buffalo Springs National Reserve, across the river. At the Samburu National Reserve, apart from the common wildlife and ecosystem of Africa, there are these special five, including Gerenuk antelope, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, East African oryx, and Somali ostrich, which are animals that can only be seen in Samburu. 

When you stay at Sasaab on highland near Ewaso Nyiro River side, not only will you take an unforgettable journey of the wild jungle but also see herds of elephants cooling themselves in the river. You will be amazed by the adorable scene of the elephants playing in the water, in spite of their gigantic bodies.


This is also the habitat for Samburu Tribe, who lead a nomadic life and accept  polygamy. In a Samburu society, the elderly are in control of power and they are responsible for the community decisions and rituals. Hence, Sasaab cooperates with the local Samburu communities to adopt rituals recognized by local elderly leaders, so that accommodating travelers can live in local residential communities. The residents will explain and receive the guests, so that the guests can understand the local living environment, customs and traditions, and lifestyle and habits. 

The passionate and hospitable Samburu Tribe not only will greet you enthusiastically at the initial visit but also introduce you to their family members after getting familiarized with you. It will be like being received by your old friends at their house. 

Feel the call of African wilderness at Sasaab. The rich natural ecology of Samburu and the passion of the Samburu Tribe will offer you the full experience of five senses. 

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