Vacation paradise with stunning landscapes |Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa
Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa Is one of the 2 resorts owned by Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts in the Maldives. For many years, Four Seasons have become a world-renowned hotel chain With its spacious rooms, friendly employees and attentive services.



Four Seasons owns 2 vacation islands in the Maldives – Kuda Huraa and Landaa Giraavaru, as well as a catamaran named Four Seasons Explorer. Four Seasons is a renowned hotel chain with establishments all over the world offering premium service. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, it was founded by Isadore Sharp in 1960, with the first hotel located on Jarvis Street, Toronto.

Kuda Huraa is situated at the North Male Atoll in the Indian Ocean. Originally a private island, it was purchased by Four Seasons to construct a hotel. In 2004, the island sustained devastating damage from the tsunami, but it was reopened to the public in September 2006 after reconstruction efforts that lasted 1 year and 9 months. On this unique island, Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa offers capacious, exquisite suites and villas for travelers to enjoy a carefree vacation in Maldives

Vacation paradise with panoramic, stunning landscapes
Innite horizon of the dream paradise

This is the second time we visited the Maldives. We came here the first time for our honeymoon, and the trip let me with superb impressions, thus we looked forward to coming back again. We stayed at the Six Senses last time, but this time we chose the reputable Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa. Four Seasons is a renowned hotel chain with establishments all over the world offering premium service.

The first impression of the Maldives is the tiny islands that are scatter over the ocean like a string of pearls. Each island is a hotel or resort, and despite their small size, all of them boast unrivalled natural landscapes. When we took the small boat to reach Kuda Huraa, the azure sky, turquoise sea and white sandy beach immediately evoked images of a paradise. We felt incredibly relaxed just by standing on the beach with the gentle breeze blowing over our bodies.

The expansive room was meticulously decorated. Open the window and we were surrounded by the azure ocean. The rooms here are divided into suites, villas or overwater bungalows. All the rooms emanate traditional 
Maldivian architecture; from the thatched roofs to the wooden lattices and the stunning white stone walls, they are all painstakingly crafted by local artisans to present the authentic local demeanor. We booked the water villa, which provided a view of the gentle waves underneath our feet. This is the most authentic. 

The beach is our playground

When we took Little Princess to the Maldives, she had just started walking, and she loved it. Fortunately, the sand here was very fine and comfortable to walk on, so we would let her wander around the beach barefooted every day. We also discovered a traditional thatched hut in the hotel and allowed her to explore inside. We were so glad to see her wandering around, full of excitement.

Kuda Huraa Four Seasons is very considerate about its guests, thus they have designed a plethora of entertainment activities using resources on the island to provide guests with plenty of options, be it food, drinks, amusement or recreation. For example, many western travelers have brought their families along, so regardless of adults or children, everyone is able to find something to enjoy. In terms of water activities alone, the wide array of interesting selections include: swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, island boat tours and dolphin cruises. 

Considering Little Princess's age, we opted for the Kids Club activities. They designed an interesting contest for small children. Each evening, staff from the Kids Club would bring a bucket of hermit crabs to the beach and 
distribute a number card to each child. The hermit crabs were also given corresponding number cards, and a circle was drawn on the ground to organize the hermit crab race.

The child with the winning hermit crab received a beverage coupon or small gift after the scintillating competition. Little Princess eagerly waited for the activity every day, and she would concentrate on looking at her hermit crab during the race. After several days, her hermit crab finally won a race and Little Princess was overcome with joy. It was also my happiest moment. 

Besides watching the hermit crab race, something related to hermit crab also happened while we were there. One morning, I took Little Princess down to the beach for a walk, and when she noticed a hermit crab by the bush, I picked it up and placed it on her palm. To my surprise, the mischievous little creature bit her hand; although I took it off immediately, she still whimpered in pain. 

Amazingly, Little Princess was willing to near and touch the hermit crab again despite the incident, showing her courage at such a young age. 

The ocean is the best classroom

I believe that traveling everywhere with your children and experiencing the local way of life is the best form of education. Why is Little Princess not afraid of the sea? I think it is because she grew up on island resorts being 
surrounded by ocean, she is used to the ocean. 

When we were in Kuda Huraa, we allowed her to interact with marine life closely as often as possible, because face to face contact with nature is the best approach to education. 

For instance, there were regular fish feeding hours in the evening at the resort, where guests would gather by the bridge to watch the staff feed the fish. As the staff skillfully tossed meat into the water to feed them, we 
realized they were not just regular fish but small sharks – something us adults have never seen before either. Little Princess did not yet learn how to speak, so I pointed at the fish and said fish, and she remembered the word 
off by heart! Now, fish has become one of her favorite animals. Traveling not only helped Little Princess to grow but also drew her closer to nature, in turn turning wonderful things around her into profound memories. 

In addition to entertainment shows, Kuda Huraa is also a strong advocate of ocean conservation. Since Maldives is the most important marine conservation area in the world, in order to protect endangered marine life, the Marine Discovery Centre (MDC) introduces local ecology of sea turtles, dolphins, sharks and corals through demonstrations and educational activities. During peak season each year, MDC's marine life safari is a highly sought after activity among tourists. 

Adopt adorable marine life

My husband and I are very grateful for being able to soak our feet in the crystal clear sea water and admire schools of fish swimming nearby. As marine pollution becomes more serious, we have to fully support ocean and 
marine life conservation efforts. That is why when we saw the hotel helped to raise endangered sea turtles, we made a donation to them without hesitation, because these sea turtles were too sick to be released into the ocean and had to be kept in captivity for humanity reasons. The hotel offered them a sanctuary to grow old, thus we hoped our meager contribution can help them in some way. 

Kuda Huraa is surrounded by an atoll. In 1998, the coral reefs here were on the brink of destruction due to rising sea temperature. Thanks to the endeavors of the Four Seasons, conservation showed signs of success in 2005, and they also encourage room guests to adopt corals. We believe coral adoption is a very meaningful thing to do, so we adopted 2 corals, which were planted on the seabed by divers. Each year, the hotel will take pictures of the coral's growth condition and send them to coral adopters. I personally think it is worth every dollar to adopt a coral in order to ensure the vivacity of the coral environment. 

Opening up my heart to make new friends

The bonus of this trip was making foreign friends. If we are able to meet different people in different countries often, we will open our hearts unknowingly and perceive the world in a more macroscopic perspective. Since our first trip to the Maldives for our honeymoon, my husband fell in love with photography and delved into the discipline with fervent enthusiasm. Because of this, we benefitted unexpectedly during our stay in Kuda Huraa. 

We met a Turkish couple at the hotel; after chatting with us, they revealed that they had just gotten married but have yet to take their wedding photos, so my husband took several photos for them with his DSLR as souvenirs. They were delighted and posted the pictures on their social media page, and we also became close friends. 

While the first trip to the Maldives created romantic memories of our honeymoon, our second trip was one filled with familial affection. Four Seasons once again did not let us down, and we went home with our hearts 
full of content and happiness. 

Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa 
Number of rooms: 96
Room price: Starts at NT$32,000 per night 
Address: North Male Atoll 
Tel. +(960) 66 44 888
Website: www.fourseasons.com/zh/maldiveskh
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