Realize Your Pink Dreams at Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp
Today is a good day for sea watching with the surrounding azure blue in the Timor Sea, the Alas Strait, and the vast Indian Ocean. Today is also a good day for treading the wave. The pink beach lightens people’s moods and fills them with joy. Let’s go to Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp in Lombok today!

PhotoChi-Hao Wei

TextBecky Tu

The Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp is located on the Tanjung Ringgit Peninsula in the east of Lombok, Indonesia. It is 58 kilometers away from Lombok International Airport and about a 90-minute drive. It is one of Jeeva’s three resorts in Lombok.

Jeeva Beloam is located in a private cove, facing Sumbawa Island across the sea. The place is accessible by vehicles. It can also be reached by boat from the port of East Lombok. The boat will be 20 to 30 minutes faster than the vehicle. However, there is no public transportation system, and the nearest town of Sekaroh is 11 kilometers away. Being here is like getting an admission ticket to enjoy the world alone. And you are about to start a luxury experience of purification.

The residents of Lombok are mostly Sasaks. In the Sasak language, Jeeva means soul, so Jeeva Beloam also means the Soul of Beloam. The family of photographer Chi-Hao Wei and the founder of Yii Cultural Enterprise, Ruo-Jia Kung, overlook the blue ocean in the far distance, re-feeling the rhythm of daily life. The sun, moon, and stars are their companions,

Gaze at the Tranquil Beauty of the Sun, Moon, and Stars
Indonesia is a country with a lot of islands. It has about 13,000 islands, the highest number in the world. Lombok is one of them. Many people have never heard of this place, but in fact Lombok is next to Bali. They face each other across the Bali Strait. Although Bali is very popular, in recent years Lombok has begun to attract travelers’ attention with its simple and cozy vacation style.

Jeeva Beloam is located on the Tanjung Ringgit Peninsula. In this place, visitors will travel from the airport all the way through the country roads where rice and tobacco are grown. The local power supply system only extends to the small Sekaroh village, which is 11 kilometers away from Jeeva Beloam. Using the analogy of humans, Jeeva Beloam is like a hermit who lives far away from society. Entering into the 55 hectares of natural forest is Jeeva Beloam. It overlooks the Timor Sea in the distance and has a panoramic view of the 250-meter-long white sandy beach. At the same time, it faces the Sumbawa Island and the vast Indian Ocean across the Alas Strait. Jeeva Beloam has an incredible sea view. It has won praise for having the most beautiful beach. It is also an excellent place for various marine activities, including snorkeling and surfing.

The pink beach that is less than 2 kilometers away from Jeeva Beloam is a must-visit place. The beach is formed by the shells of dead plankton and coral for an accumulated long period of time. Waves washed ashore these shells. Although the cause of pink beach has nothing to do with romance, when the sunset falls on it and is set against the blue ocean waves, the dream-like scenery really makes a girl’s heart explode! Visitors’ eyes enjoy different combinations of colors every moment in a fascinating and romantic atmosphere!

In Jeeva Beloam, the incredible sea view unfolds from the moment of sunrise. It comforts many travelers. With the luxury to enjoy such beautiful scenery, the resort also takes measures to protect the local environment. Jeeva Beloam relies on solar energy and generators for its electricity. It also makes full use of recycled rainwater. Moreover, just like the homepage of the resort states, it is off the grid. There is no internet and TV here! 

Look at this incredible sea view in front of you, put your mobile phone away, do not even think about TV, and enjoy every wonderful moment of natural beauty!

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