Hong Kong ASMR Short Film Takes You on Cloud Traveling
When you stay at home, do you sometimes hear the rustle of wind blowing through trees or the heavy thunderstorm suddenly falling in the afternoon? Does that moment in time take you back to the recollection of perception from certain travel? Today is Friday and why not watch an ASMR short film to take us back to the delightful travel in Hong Kong instantly.

PhotoHong Kong Tourism Bureau

TextBecky Tu

During this period, many people are recalling the memories of past travel by looking through the old photos, in order to compress the urge for travel. Or they have been watching updated online films over all tourist sites. Cloud traveling may not quench your thirst but will definitely satisfy you in the meantime.

Hong Kong Tourism Board has recently released a series of ASMR short films in summer themes that collect the various movements of nature in Hong Kong and transform them into a lively visual and sensory experience. Each short film is guided by the sounds of nature, taking the viewers into the less popular corners of Hong Kong so that the viewers can sit at home but place themselves in the natural wilderness of Hong Kong.

Let Your Ears Take You on a Trip
Have you heard about ASMR? 

Have you ever heard of the scratching sound of pencil writing on the paper or the water dripping sound of the rain falling along with the window to the eaves? Or the sound of repeated food chewing sound. The sounds send shivers, pleasure, or even mesmerizing sensation to the head, scalp, back, and even extended to the limbs, when some people hear them. It could also feel like a light current passing through the body. Such feelings are addressed as Autonomous sensory meridian response, ASMR. 

Research suggests that when the ASMR mechanism is triggered, the hypothalamus under the surface of the brain will excrete a hormone that makes one feel relaxed and wonderful. For this reason, such a “sound healing experience” becomes increasingly popular. 

Summer Sceneries of Outlying Islands

The series of Hong Kong ASMR short films start from the angle of several characters with curiosity, who experience the fun of exploring Hong Kong suburbs. They close their eyes to perceive the immersion of being in Hong Kong instantly. 

ASMR of Peng Chau selects ships whistling, striking of temple bell and drums, and fortune stick drawing. The Shing Mun Reservoir ASMR records the sounds of tree leaves rustle, waterfall, and birds chirping and fluttering wings. ASMR of Stanley records the sound of waves, the moment when the Chinese paper fan is opened, and the crunchy bite of delicious French toast at Dim Sum Restaurant. ASMR of Sai Kung gathers multiple unique sounds from the ocean to feel the marine concerto at a stand-up paddle.

In Hong Kong, Aberdeen Country Park accounts for over 40% of the land area of Hong Kong. The meander hiking trail and white-sand beach are the best places for exploring secret paths. Known as the “back garden of Hong Kong,” Sai Kung offers the experience of canoeing, scuba diving, and stand-up paddle sports. The Volcano Discovery Centre of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark offers majestic rock layers over a few hundred million years, marine caves, and other spectacular views, where one can take a tour on the small island full of history. 

Let’s take a different Hong Kong trip next time. 

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