Experience Michelin-Star Dining at De Lindenhof in Netherland
Where is the land of the dream for Michelin-starred gourmet, meandering canal views, and fairytale town? Right here at De Lindenhof in Giethoorn, the Netherlands.

PhotoChi-Hao Wei

TextBecky Tu

The Netherlands adds Taiwan to the latest list of countries with low COVID-19 risk starting June 24. Taiwanese people will not be required to present a negative COVID-19 test result and undergo quarantine upon arrival. Let’s add the Netherlands to our future list of traveling.

Giethoorn is approximately 2 hours by car from Amsterdam-- the capital of the Netherlands. This area is covered by canals and rivers with extended greenness, known as the “Green Venice of the North.” It is a popular scenic site in the Netherlands that casts away the uproar of the city and replaces it with the leisured atmosphere of a fairytale town.

Located in Giethoorn, De Lindenhof is a restaurant hotel run by Michelin star chef-- Martin Kruithof in Giethoorn. Let’s take a look at the photos of green sceneries taken by the family of photographer Chi-Hao Wei and Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise.

Let Michelin Star Chef Spoil You with His Culinary Skills
Many people visit De Lindenhof for the renowned Michelin-starred restaurant. This restaurant looks like a farmhouse with a thatched roof on the outside but offers spectacular features inside. There is a garden for dining with a cozy atmosphere.  

Michelin 2-stars chef and the soul of the restaurant, Martin Kruithof is very friendly and approachable. Guests are not only satisfied with the food but also subdued by the chef’s humble attitude, and even the kids love him. The restaurant not only owns a vegetable garden, chicken coop but also the chef’s favorite boat moored at the rear of the restaurant. Sometimes, the chef even takes his guests with him to sail the canals on his boat. He is literally known as the “Sailing Chef.” 

Meanwhile, De Lindenhof offers accommodation for guests to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the county side. Even the breakfast is Michelin star rated. How can anyone resists such attraction!  

For years, Martin Kruithof has been consistent with his goal, and that is to comfort his guests completely with delicious gourmet in a cozy environment. All the guests are spoiled with the comfort of a perfect gourmet and pleasant guesthouse. 

Once you visit De Lindenhof, you will feel at home. 

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