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Opened in April 2014, COMO Maalifushi, Maldives Is the COMO Hotels and Resorts' latest island hotel in the Maldives. Famed for its extraordinarily rened service, world-famous SPA and aromatherapy. Just 2 years after its opening, the resort has received 2016 World Luxury Spa Awards.



Consisting of 1,192 coral islands, Maldives is the quintessential destination for all oceanloving divers. The independent coral islands dot the surface of the sapphire Indian Ocean, with a hotel on each island. Surrounded by such crystal clear water and azure sky, one can really appreciate the essence of vacation. This is why Maldives is crowned the name of holiday paradise.

The best way to enjoy the island paradise is by staying at a luxury hotel. Although we were aware of COMO's other resort in the Maldives – Cocoa Island, which has been widely praised since its opening in 2002, we wanted to give the brand's latest offering a try, thus we took a gamble that paid off and ended up being rewarded with unexpected surprises.

Experience the local customs with a loved one
Enriching each other's life is your fashion life.
Remarkable COMO
With deep Asian roots, COMO is among the top 7 luxury hotel brands in the world. The Singaporean owner of COMO Christina Ong is among the richest women in the world. She founded the name COMO by combining her initials CO with her daughter Melissa Ong's initials MO. The first COMO hotel was inaugurated in London in 1991, and now there are 12 unique COMO hotels worldwide.

Promoting a discreet lifestyle and minimalist fashion, COMO hotel's management is inspired by artworks, making it a firm favorite among luxury consumers. Without flamboyant, opulent designs, the hotel's understated luxury is ingeniously concealed within the details, creating a different perspective on hotel appreciation. Using varying nuances to present an understated style, vibe, fashion and lavishness, this is why COMO hotels are considered a work of art. The employees' uniforms are created by a top fashion designer, while the proprietary SPA products, exquisite, bespoke services and unique gastronomy are all integral to the concept of attention to detail emphasized by the brand.

First experience in a seaplane
COMO Maalifushi was opened on Thaa Atoll in south Maldives in 2014. Generally there are 2 ways to reach the island resort from the capital of Maldives Male: one is a 45-minute seaplane ride, and the other is by speedboat. If you wish to admire the aerial view of Maldives' pearl-like atolls, seaplane is definitely the way to go.

Propeller-driven seaplanes with a capacity of 15 persons are a common mode of transport in Maldives, and almost every high-end resort transports its guests this way. As we were afraid the Little Princess would be agitated by the noisy propellers, we especially purchased earplugs for her. To our surprise, after the plane was airborne, she was not at all frightened by the sound and vibration of the seaplane. She took off the earplugs and played with her daddy quietly, all the while taking in the splendid view of Maldives from the air. She appeared relaxed and carefree throughout the flight, demonstrating the spirit of a true adventurer.

Leisurely holiday vibe
We were pleasantly surprised upon arriving at the hotel Supported by stilts, the 2 rows of overwater villas stretched out toward the ocean like 2 long arms embracing the exclusive Maalifushi Garden coral reef area reserved only for hotel guests. The limpid water allows a clear view of the schools of fish swimming amidst the coral reefs. As the sunshine penetrates through the water, different shades of blue are manifested, forming a seamless horizon between the ocean and the sky. The pictureperfect scenery is truly a spectacular sight to behold.

The hotel's lobby and restaurant is located behind the elegant swaying palm trees and white, soft sandy beach. The hotel embodies COMO's minimalist luxury style in the form of 65 upscale villas dispersed across the unspoiled, pristine land. The hotel was designed by Japanese designer Koichiro lkebuchi, where local construction materials were used, emphasizing the ingenious fusion between natural lighting and panorama. COMO's brand spirit of minimalist luxury is imbued to the resor t, presenting an air of laziness, relaxation and romance complemented by the natural surroundings.

Making friends with fish on the water suite
COMO Maalifushi, Maldives only has 65 rooms, mostly consisting of beach villas with private pool and water suites with private pool. All rooms are lavishly appointed. However, we had to try the water suite in order to take in the full view of the remarkable seascape in the Maldives. Since the rooms are isolated and far apart from one another, the hotel staff helps to deliver the guests baggage or provide room service on bicycles. Room guests may also borrow bicycles free of charge to roam the complex.

The interior of the water suite oozed a chic ambiance. The tea table and dining table were matched with the light grey sofa, while the light wooden colored furniture emanated a natural demeanor. The large French windows introduced natural light and ocean view to the interior, and the fantastic white gauze curtains in the bedroom with large bed evoked images of the Princess's room. Sliding open the doors allowed us to admire the sea from the terrace. The barrier-free environment suited Little Princess perfectly, so she was able to roam free in the spacious, minimalistic room.

There is a large, partially covered bathtub in the bathroom, where guests can soak in the salt bath and admire the view. There are also telephones everywhere in the house for the convenience of the guests, and the service desk is always ready to provide guests with service. Deck chairs, a private pool and gazebo are standard amenities on the terrace, making it the best position to appreciate the view of the horizon formed seamlessly by the ocean and the sky. If we wanted to embrace the ocean, simply jump in via the stairs next to the pool to frolic in the water like mermaids.

As a matter of fact, we could make friends with schools of fish swimming in the water from the gazebo without jumping into the sea. Maalifushi Garden is a safe area surrounded by water suites used for snorkeling. The hotel provides complimentary snorkeling gear for the guests to explore the coral reefs. Alternatively, they can sit on the terrace to view vibrantly colored tropical fish and other marine life, including crabs, sea turtles and the occasional whale sharks that often stirred up cries of astonishment among the room guests. The outdoor shower area on the terrace allows guests to wash up after swimming in the ocean before returning to their room to rest, how thoughtful.

There is a yoga room in the hotel, allowing guests to completely relax their bodies and minds in the embrace of blue waters, azure sky and gentle sea breeze. We also visited the world-renowned spa center to experience the feeling of total spiritual relaxation amid the rhythm of clapping waves and soothing massage. We ended up enjoying a deep, cozy and peaceful sleep.


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COMO Maalifushi, Maldives
Number of rooms: 65
Room price: Starts at: NT$22,000 per night
Address: Thaa Atoll, Maldives
Tel. +960 678 0008
Website: www.comohotels.com/maalifushi/
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