Carefree mermaid in the ocean |COMO Maalifushi, Maldives
Opened in April 2014, COMO Maalifushi, Maldives Is the COMO Hotels and Resorts' latest island hotel in the Maldives. Famed for its extraordinarily rened service, world-famous SPA and aromatherapy. Just 2 years after its opening, the resort has received 2016 World Luxury Spa Awards.



Consisting of 1,192 coral islands, Maldives is the quintessential destination for all oceanloving divers. The independent coral islands dot the surface of the sapphire Indian Ocean, with a hotel on each island. Surrounded by such crystal clear water and azure sky, one can really appreciate the essence of vacation. This is why Maldives is crowned the name of holiday paradise.

The best way to enjoy the island paradise is by staying at a luxury hotel. Although we were aware of COMO's other resort in the Maldives – Cocoa Island, which has been widely praised since its opening in 2002, we wanted to give the brand's latest offering a try, thus we took a gamble that paid off and ended up being rewarded with unexpected surprises.

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