Special Exhibition in June: "Chiseling the Light with Ink"
Displayed at the JustCo's Dian Shih building in Taipei, the “Chiseling the Light with Ink” special exhibition has been presented throughout June and will be closed next week. During the exhibition period, Alëna Olasyuk's works accompany those who work or have a meeting here.

PhotoYung Sung / Becky Tu

TextWenchien Wu

Even as early as the date of the move-in of the exhibition, people on the site had been attracted by the details of Olasyuk's works. Artworks with hidden messages always bring visitors a visual feast. While appreciating the artistic creations with a close-up view, visitors could find the beauty of art that is a unique communication without saying any words, compared to two-dimensional photos. And that's the reason why Olasyuk's artistic creations touch people's hearts.

The Beauty of Art Comes from Each Detail of Creations
The Russo-Ukrainian War is ongoing, Alëna Olasyuk, a Ukrainian-born artist, wants to do something she can do to help the homeland even though she's in the middle of creation. Olasyuk displays three reproductions of her works in this Taipei exhibition. Once these art replicas are sold, the selling price, after deducting the cost, will donate partially to Olasyuk's charity website (http://onecan.club) to use as the funds to help Ukraine, the world's breadbasket.

Apart from these three charity-inspired replicas, there are six authentic paintings of Olasyuk's works on display on the exhibition site, including Pattern 4, Pattern 6, Truth 12, Suitable 1, Suitable 2, and Green. Olasyuk uses ink, nib pen, and watercolor paper to create a series of paintings that are simple yet with rich cultural deposits.

Olasyuk always takes the painting as the medium that she communicates with herself in her mind. She uses all types of ink, she doesn't stick to the ink's brand name or the place of origin of the ink. What she cares about is how the ink expresses the painting's features. People use the ink to write, but Olasyuk turns the ink into abstract lines, which are simple yet precise, clear layers in between light and dark shades. She unleashes her imagination to be truly creative.

From West to East, from simple to complex, the subject matters of Olasyuk's creations come from each aspect of life and what she's experienced in life. Her works are privately collected in Ukraine, France, England, and Italy. Next week will be the final day of this exhibition in Taipei. Visitors are welcome to contact Yii Cultural Enterprise's official Facebook page to book a reservation for visiting, then go appreciate Olasyuk's enchanting artworks with a close-up view.

Chiseling the Light with Ink Exhibition
Time: Jun 1 to Jun 30, 2022
Venue: JustCo's Dian Shih building

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