In Between |Alëna Olasyuk
Alena Olasyuk(Born in 1988) Painting has been a never ending straight line for the painter since she was born.

PhotoJeff Yiu / Wallace Tsoi

TextAdeline Tai

In an aesthetical and theoretical seeing, the essence of Alёna’s art is “balance,” which is in between chaos and order, abstract and structure, mysterious black and bright white.

She enquires into the edge of two opposing sides for art creation, such as simplicity and difficulty, past and future, east and west, selfish and unselfish, and so on.

Her works breathe an air of pureness and fineness, possibly due to Ukrainian origin of her art. Having gained a balance after numerous repetitions and constant endurance, her works look flat and not undulately sensational.

Alëna has a special attachment to Chinese ink and Chinese black. Her series of mono color ink paintings mirror her interest in the deep essence of Chinese culture.
In Chinese art, black and white reflect the relationship between things and represent aesthetics that have been determinative for it for countless years.They are two extremes in contrast and motional compensation in harmony.

They are ultimate metaphysically inchromatic elements. The process of Alëna's composition is just like yoga in eastern world. It needs the coordination of body, soul and mind, which is similar to the spiritual discipline in Buddhism. Therefore, the process is more a spiritual discipline than just painting.

FANG Zhenning

Step back to enjoy the simple, step closer to feel the complex, step within to meditate upon the hypnotic.
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