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Fashion, it is not luxury,
but an attitude towards life.
Join Yii to discover the whole world along with your liberty-loving, joyous, love-filled and curious heart.
Join Yii to enjoy your exclusive time and space to find the calmness and peace in mind.
Join Yii as we know what you exactly need, offer the healthy guide to your body and mind and further deepen into your spirit, and light up the hope of life in order to enrich your spiritual wealth.
Join Yii to open the gate of Fashion and Art, educate the aesthetics of art and culture, and experience the beauty of life.
Join Yii for a close-talk, smooth communication and creating a new space for yourself.
Makeup Collaboration/Classes
Style Management
We collaborate with experienced makeup artists and stylists to offer customers advice, teach them tailor-made fashion tips, and guide them have a brand-new look.
Photography and Collaboration
Image and Visual-Design Planning
We collaborate with the Masters of Photography to educate the photography skills and concepts from time to time, instructing customers how to control the rich and diverse multimedia universe.
Art Exhibition
Art and Entertainment Broker
We collaborate with domestic and overseas artists and their works of art to offer the matchmaking services that help planning the complete exhibition program, inspiring more creations, and strengthening the local power of art.
Astrology Dice
Astrolabe Consultancy and Divination
We collaborate with the Masters of Astrology to offer services that help people search for solutions to life problems, as well as finding the way out of their difficulty.
Self-guided Tour Planning
World Tour Planning
Luxury tour specialists share their experience and guide how to upgrade your holidays to the next level, offering the services of proposing or arranging a special tour program.
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Nowadays, people can find everything about travel information reveals on the internet. However, the online data does not really know how you feel and your exact travel needs, even if Google. Let's see what we do for you with a tailor-made program! We have totally understood and experienced all the scenic spot, hotels, activities, and food and beverage across the planet, we believe that "listening" and "empathy" is the exactly important services you want, and that's we call it the connection between you and our tailor-made program.
We shall keep it simple, showcasing our original intent - travel-oriented service. We offer the "Luxury Service" to give our customers a high-class and luxury travel experience. We value everything that customers need, including a world tour, applying for a Visa, flight booking, and tour advice. Instead of the moment you are on the trip, our "Luxury Service" starts from the moment you contact us through a phone call.
You will not experience a fabulous journey without a partner.
One loves to dream big, the other loves to make a dream come true.
Yilan Disadvantaged Single-Mother Families Care Association
"Yilan Disadvantaged Single-Mother Families Care Association" was established on November 23, 2013. The objective of this association is to timely care the members and solve their emergency problem, and then step by step, looking for personal growth, developing a good parent-child relationship, supporting and cheering up each other, re-adapting the social life, and setting up personal confidence in the end.
To strengthen the operation of the association and provide powerful backup for members, all the warmhearted volunteers in Taiwan worked together to establish this "Single Mom Care Committee" in order to help the disadvantaged single-parent families know how to find and get useful resources, provide emergency assistance, counsel and guide them how to get a job, provide legal advice, and more.
Although we have limited manpower, we can achieve the goal if we try hard without giving up. We sincerely hope the kind-hearted people to join us, offer more aid, and help these symbiosis families to achieve their final goals soon.