Does the Watch Have Anything to Do with Pineapple? Here Comes the Innovated Hemp MVMNT!
Can you imagine the watch that you wear today, its strap was made from pineapple leaf? The timepieces equipped with craftsmanship within it have joined the sustainable fashion journey.

PhotoHemp MVMNT

TextAnnie Chiang

Based in Edinburgh, England, Hemp is known by its world’s first hemp fiber handmade eyewear – Hemp Eyewear. Seven years later, Hemp Eyewear crosses border to introduce the brand new line of hemp watches, Hemp MVMNT. Along with the brand’s stylish and elegant appearance, on top of the design, the watch’s case and straps again promote the use of more alternative eco-materials.

Then how to apply the hemp fiber frame in new range?

Hemp cleverly transformed the technology of making hemp frames into cases that cover the movement. The unique patterns of natural hemp fibers make no two watch cases are the same. Each one is individual.

Oh! Maybe you think these patterns are too thin to find their uniqueness...
Why not compose your own watch style from the dial, straps, and even the custom engraving on the back-plate!

For the dial, there are charcoal and not quite white two colors to choose from. You can also specify your own gold or silver hands, dial ring, crown, back-plate and buckle.

The sustainable fashion accessory marks a new path for sustainable journey.


Here comes the star of the show, the Hemp MVMNT straps!




Hemp partnered with ANANAS ANAM, producers of Piñatex®, to create a range of pineapple leather watch straps, made from the fiber of waste pineapple leaves. And there are selections of 6 colors to personalize, whether the dark tone such as washed indigo, pebble or black or lively colors such as paprika, antique gold or sage, they are able to satisfy the preferences of customers. Of course, in order to encourage customers to purchase more different-colored straps. Hemp also designed a quick-release feature on the strap, so straps could be changed in seconds. It’s definitely a value proposition.


Hemp is currently launching a campaign on Kickstarter, and will end on May 25. It offers a variety of early bird pre-order options. Why not take this opportunity to add some sustainable fashion accessories in your life!



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