Starry Meow Horoscope Fortune for September 2023
In September 2023, we will first face an astrolabe with 5 planets retrograde in the sky. Retrograde planets are not a bad thing, but the focus is on deep review and reflection, especially after accepting the changes and adjustments in the world situation, which will bring us to a completely new and different world and self.

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In September 2023, we will first face an astrolabe with 5 planets retrograde in the sky. Retrograde planets are not a bad thing, but the focus is on deep review and reflection, especially after accepting the changes and adjustments in the world situation, which will bring us to a completely new and different world and self.

In early and mid-September, Mercury will continue its retrograde trend in Virgo, which means that accidents in transportation and communication should not be taken lightly, and also reminds us to be observant of details and emphasizes the importance of prior planning. Mercury will resume its prograde on September 15th. Venus will resume its prograde from retrograde in Leo on September 4th, which symbolizes that self-esteem is an obstacle to love or relationships; we will also be enjoying the entertainment and pleasures of life at this time.

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus on September 4th until the end of the year is a time to review our obsessions and resources around us, including money and desires that need to be adjusted and examined. For earth signs, this year's retrograde planets will make people feel uncomfortable in the short term, and they may even be prone to self-questioning, making how to live one's own values an important issue this year.

In the second half of the year, Uranus is retrograde in Taurus, suggesting that we have to face the flexibility and adjustment between our heart and reality, and if the truth is not what we wish for, we have to accept it as a compromise. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn will lead us to reflect on the old system and old thinking; Pisces retrograde in Neptune will also make us think about the possibility of realizing our dreams, and remove our illusory vision to face the most realistic daily life.

Reorganization and Reflection: Accepting the New Changing Situation
Lucky Strengths: Inspiration, Activity
Aries is a little less energetic this month, with a sense of loss of motivation. If you're not active enough, you'll appear lazy or not hardworking, which will affect your normal performance. You may want to take part in a spiritual program or an art or cultural lecture to revitalize yourself, and rely more on extracurricular activities or outsiders to inspire and invigorate you.
Lucky Strengths: Changes, Finance
Taurus is having quite a hard time this year. Although Venus is resuming to prograde this month, Jupiter is retrograde in the Self Palace, so it will bring a frustrating experience. This month you are facing a new situation. Adjusting the content of your work or changing the space in your home will be conducive to the enhancement of your luck; re-planning the direction of your finances will be a start of gradual development.
Lucky Strengths: Creativity, Relationships
After the chaos of the previous period, Gemini will have more diversified thinking and creativity this month, but there is still a long way to go before it can be realized, and you have to calm down and think about your ideals before you can find the answers. Interpersonal activities during this period of time are prosperous, but be careful of the tongue, and recognize who is the benefactor sincerely to help you.
Lucky Strengths: Learning, Old Acquaintances
Cancer is feeling more relaxed this month, although the pressure of work is still there, but there is room for learning and improving oneself. Learning energy is strong this month, and you will get more results with less effort when you work towards your goals. After mid-month, your financial situation will improve and you will have more social activities. You will have the chance to meet old acquaintances, which will bring you different insights and views.
Lucky Strengths: Career, Finance
Leo with Venus prograde has a high profile in this month. Although the task is getting heavier, there are chances of getting a pay rise or a promotion, which will bring you more income, and you will make a lot of profit from your investment. Because of your outstanding achievements, you will inevitably be envied by some people, so you have to beware of people with bad intentions. At the end of the month, be careful of disputes with others during the Full Moon.
Lucky Strengths: Work, Benefactors
This month, Virgo is likely to experience new opportunities for cooperation or take on new tasks in new environments, requiring flexibility and peace of mind. If you can make good connections at the first impression, it will bring benefactors to your work in the second half of the year. This month is the time for you to stabilize your foundation, so make good use of it.
Lucky Strengths: Cooperation, Finance
For Libra, this month is a period of saying goodbye to the past and looking forward to the future, in relationships, work and life. With an open mind, you will be able to collaborate with others and create new organizations and relationships. Under the influence of Mars in the Wealth Palace, you will be motivated by financial matters, and as long as you continue to stabilize, you will achieve good results.
Lucky Strengths: Relationships, Family
This month, Scorpios will spend more time focusing on their relationship or significant other, and it's time to decide whether or not to take a step forward. A single person will have the chance to meet someone new, and good communication will lead to good progress. On the other hand, your family will need to rely on you, and good things will happen if you get along more.
Lucky Strengths: Romance, Business Trips
Sagittarius will have more chances to go to new occasions this month, such as a new workplace or a dinner party. As long as you show your charming qualities, you will have a good chance of drawing others' attention, and singles will have the possibility of getting a new love. There will be small business trips or small travels this month. Pay attention to your health when you go out to work and avoid catching a cold or getting sick.
Lucky Strengths: Charm, Investment
In the Venus prograde, Capricorn begins to have an interest in investment and finance. With a positive attitude towards financial management, Capricorn may also do some reorganization and consolidation of the loan in hand, and find a favorable arrangement. During Pluto retrograde, there is a chance to show your charm, and you will get good achievements at work, which is well deserved.
Lucky Strengths: Self-confidence, Windfalls
This month, Aquarius has more occasions that you must attend, which is a bit of a push for you who have never been fond of crowds. However, it's also a good time to show your self-confidence, and many interpersonal relationships will be improved because of your new attitude. You'll have good luck with money, and you may have a windfall, so you may want to try your luck once in a while.
Lucky Strengths: Relationships, Health
In the previous months, Pisces was in a state of confusion in the relationship, but in this month, it will gradually be clarified. Whether it is the relationships, friends or family members, there will be a sense of harmony and cheerfulness. For the instability of the cranial nerves, they will also be gradually restored to health in the process of becoming more and more peaceful.


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