A Pilgrimage to Pescadores
Through the book A Pilgrimage to Pescadores by the architect Fu-Yuan Lin, we can admire the outlying islands of Taiwan ''Penghu'' through his views and findings to know the this beautiful “City of Refuge”. Meanwhile, Lin is the chief architect handling the building expansion project of St. Camillus Hospital in Penghu. He will generously donate the book royalties to the hospital expansion project. We hereby invite you guys to join the ranks of doing cause-related marketing for Penghu.



In the book Pescadores, isole del vento e della sabbia by Father Antonio Crotti, a Catholic priest from Italy, had described Penghu as 'there are strong wind and sandy beaches and yet it's a place full of hopes as well.'

And in the book A Pilgrimage to Pescadores by the architect Fu-Yuan Lin, he uses his aesthetics, perspectives, and true feelings and experiences to write down the Penghu people's tenacity for life and the remarkable memory traces between humans and the ocean. Lin further mentions the touching stories that happened on the islands where a group of Catholic priests from Italy made their selfless devotion to the Pescadores in East Asia, the outlying islands of Taiwan.

Penghu is well-known for its unique natural basalt landscape. Seasonally, the northeast monsoon is part of daily life at Penghu Bay in the winter. Geographically, Penghu is located on the median line in the Taiwan Strait. People living on the Pescadores islands have the tenacity and are forthright in nature. From geography to culture, this is Penghu's DNA and its local customs and practices, a unique and exclusive charm showcasing people's toughness and feelings about life.

Even though Lin is not a Catholic, he feels deeply touched after witnessing a group of Camillian priests from Italy spends their life-long periods making selfless devotion to Penghu. Lin collects the outlying islands' stories and people's vicissitudes of life, plus the stories of those generous priests and medical professionals, to write the book that discloses how the brightest human nature becomes a link to people's memories and even part of history.

A City of Refuge, A New Trip Destination for Stress Relief
While landing in Penghu, you visit and walk through the streets and paths to explore the archipelagos. While experiencing a relaxing and comfy island trip, before leaving here, you already cannot wait to visit the picturesque islands in the sea again. So, you admire the beauty of Penghu and would feel that "I'm so addicted to the calling from the ocean – the outlying islands in the sea, my city of refuge away from stress."

Each scenic spot on the islands illustrates an image to you that heaven and earth are so infinite. However, except for the waves, sandy beaches, and barren vegetation, the outlying islands' unique natural landscapes and the residents' traditional culture and beliefs that stay true sincerely are the keys to attracting the traveler's attention to visiting this beautiful place and enjoying a walk on the waves.

In Penghu, you're surrounded by the shimmering azure sea and blue sky on the horizon. Appreciating the seascapes is not the only thing you can do on the sea islands. While having an island tour, stress relieving is an unexpected benefit for those who have stress and anxiety in daily life. Benefiting a similar sea island living mode, office workers in the urban areas of Taiwan can be off to the nearest island in the sea, Penghu, on the holidays. They can enjoy fishing, walking on the waves, purchasing fresh seafood from the local market, and appreciating magnificent sea views. While the sea breeze gently kisses your face, you'll feel that all the accumulated stress is gone and get yourself relaxed.

Apart from the inland itineraries, the cruising entertainment activities bloom well, such as the popular cruising itineraries – fishing the Mitre squid at night and sea canoeing. Meanwhile, checking in on social media platforms is another hot topic for online travel communities in recent years. The stunning Pescadores is definitely a modern "City of Refuge" for travel lovers.

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