Starry Meow Horoscope Fortune for June 2023
At the beginning of June, we are welcoming the Full Moon in Sagittarius starting on the third of June. That means many new plans are forming and we will head forward to them and make them come true.

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In early June, Venus will enter Leo on the fifth of June. It means people are willing to spend time enjoying relaxation days. Meanwhile, interpersonal relationships and couples' love relationships will make some changes. It is a sign that an event or occurrence will happen. The result goes 50-50 on good and bad omens like one's possessiveness in a love relationship will make a qualitative change for the relationship. You'd better beware of it and adjust it if needed. Pluto Retrograde will re-enter Capricornus on the 11th of June. And Mercury enters Gemini on the same date. That means life will get busy and you'll feel pressure.

Saturn will station retrograde in Pisces on the 18th of June, meaning reflecting on your previous decisions and thinking about the future. On the 26th of June, Mars in Leo forms an intense aspect opposing Uranus. It means you should pay attention to unexpected incidents in your love relationship, traffic, or the Internet. Be calm and not reckless. Neptune, Pisces' ruling planet, will station retrograde in Pisces at the end of June. That means spirituality, humanitarianism, and arts will catch people's attention but it's unfavorable for economics.

New Plans, New Relationships: A Journey to Make Dreams Come True
Luckier at: Social Interaction, Romance
For Aries, as Venus enters the houses of romance and enjoyment, it means you'll get busy attending many social events and will have a chance to encounter a suitable marriage partner. But, if you're already in a relationship, beware of it.
Luckier at: Family, Living Space
Taurus needs to face some issues related to the family. It might be that your family member needs your help. So the expenses incurred are related to the family too. In a love relationship, you need to face up to the reality. There is no need to over-idealize a romantic relationship.
Luckier at: Specialty, Short Trips
Gemini needs to pay attention to interpersonal relations. You might make others annoyed due to your careless behavior. And that would affect the development of your business. It's good timing to plan a short trip and learn something new.
Luckier at: Work, Wealth Luck
Cancer would feel much pressure due to your commitment and responsibility. It's time to make yourself shine. It's quite good to accept new challenges. For Money Horoscope, you'll have some gains this month.
Luckier at: Charm, Business
Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will make Leo feel more confident and shine with exclusive charm. But, you need to pay attention to avoid acting ostentatiously, otherwise, you might get into a war of words caused by small-minded persons easily.
Luckier at: Communication, Reconnect with Old Friends
Virgo is currently at crossroads in making decisions for your love relationship. You have to decide to move forward or take a step back in a relationship. You could try to reconnect with old friends to figure out what to do next. There are numerous things to communicate. Be patient to deal with them.
Luckier at: Investment, Benefactor
Libra has a chance to catch good timing for investment and you'll gain many benefits then. You need to pay attention to protecting yourself from fraud. At work, you might consider there'll be a new challenge, but, the truth is you will encounter a benefactor.
Luckier at: Collaboration, Health
Scorpio has many opportunities to collaborate with others. Although you yield twice the result with half the effort, the final result will depend on your wisdom in getting along with people. You might have an illness relapse due to your busy life.
Luckier at: Interpersonal Relationships, Creativity
Sagittarius will have some gains in interpersonal relationships currently. You might make friends in a new social circle and know a new field, therefore. When presenting your creativity, it might improve your performance at work or might be helpful for your love relationship.
Luckier at: Workplace, Self-worth
Capricornus controls the power at the workplace and then controls the situation to get promoted to stand on your own. You start to figure out what desires you want to gain and then head forward to them boldly.
Luckier at: Money, Fortune
Aquarius has good luck with money, like direct wealth luck is getting a raise in salary, and indirect wealth luck is getting extra benefits. Also, it's good timing to make a new strategy for money management.
Luckier at: Social Interaction, Romantic Encounter
Pisces can hang out more to attend social events. You'll encounter friends who would give help at those events. For singles, you'll encounter a suitable romantic partner whom you want to open your heart to at some artistic and cultural events.

Starry Meow was a travel and lifestyle journalist with more than two decades of travel experiences around the world. As luck would have it, she felt the mysterious connection among the universe, constellation, and human beings, opening the gate entering into the Western Astrology world.

She realized that the key point of astrology is not the future you foresee but find deep insights about yourself, and that's what she uses astrology to clarify people's life options. She has completed the high-level astrology courses in Taiwan's Academy of Astrology and currently is the owner of the Starry Meow Studio.

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