Oshikatsu Matsuri: Express Your Love for Your Idol
The three-day “Oshikatsu Matsuri” came to a successful close. Co-organized by Yii Creative Culture and Japan StarGazer, many idol fans attended the event at Round Spine Cafe, leaving behind photos with their idols, embodying the authentic spirit of “Oshikatsu” (enthusiastically supporting idols).



The “Oshikatsu Matsuri,” held from May 12th to 14th, continued the tradition of the previous “Oshikatsu Matsuri Cafe,” where customized coffee bottles with personalized labels were available on-site, allowing fans to customize the names of their beloved idols. Cute name tags were also produced for fans to express the “Oshikatsu” spirit freely.

There were also idol-themed merchandise and snacks from Japan, including fan and lightstick covers, available for purchase. Have doubts about being a fan? Wondering if you should continue this path of idol fandom? Come to the shrine and make a prayer! Six main themes were designed for the “Oshikatsu Matsuri,” keeping fans glued to the cafe for the entire afternoon, enjoying a wonderful time with photo props and idols.

Satisfy your love for “Oshikatsu” with six main themes!
Customized Coffee Bottles
Continuing the tradition of customizing cold-brew coffee bottles from the previous “Oshikatsu Matsuri Cafe,” fans could freely choose the names and colors to be printed on the coffee bottles, making the “Idol’s color” and “Idol’s name” their exclusive items. Customized cookies with supportive messages were a perfect match for coffee.

A Bouquet for “Your Idol”
Buy a bouquet for “Your Idol” to commemorate your love! Bouquets of various colors, including red, orange, pink, and blue, were available on-site. You could purchase them for “Your Idol” and as an expression of love for your mother.

Create a Name Tag for Love
There are many ways to express your love for “Your Idol,” including the newly added custom transparent name tags. Spell out the name of your favorite idol with English letters and use it as a keychain or hang it on your bag, representing your complete care for “your idol.”

Authentic Japanese Festival Experience in Taiwan
When you have doubts about your journey as a fan, it's time to visit the shrine and draw a fortune slip! Perhaps the god of idol fandom can provide you with the best answers and make you feel less lonely on this path.

Gift Selections for Your Star-Chasing Journey
Have you ever struggled to find a place to store your fan or lightstick during concerts? Struggle no more as you may purchase selected merchandise closely related to idol fandom directly imported from Japan at this festival. Additionally, various snacks featured popular anime and cartoon characters from Japan, all in cute and compact sizes.

Movie Guidebook for Your Photos
Commemorating the promotion of “My Happy Marriage,” fans could take photos with the movie posters. There were many free guidebooks and idol selection books from Japan. It was like a treasure hunt, where the closer you looked, the more surprises! If you wanted to promote “Your Idol” to everyone, you could also contribute promotional materials to the collection box, spreading the love!

Thank you all for coming to the “Oshikatsu Matsuri”. See you next year!

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