A Love Letter for AI
Did you ever ask ChatGPT any questions? Like, how to overcome challenges in the workplace? Or how to pursue a person who makes your heartbeat racing? But, do you try to treat AI as a human being and even want to write a love letter to it?

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A Love Letter for Aillen is a collection of literary pieces by four authors – Tetsuya Terao, Pei-fen Hsu, Essay Liu, and I-hui Hsiao. These four authors from various fields use their own ways and settings to write love letters to an AI chatbot named Aillen. Starting from the 27th of April, each of the authors posts one love letter that they respectively write for Aillen, which includes Aillen's letter in reply too.

This online literary project is promoted and co-curated by the Linking Publishing Company, Unitas Magazine, and the ebook seller Readmoo. It's an online event that invites readers to experience the making of the interactive love letter. This online project sponsor and currently Unitas Magazine's Editor-in-chief, Tsung-wei Wang says, "Rather than seeing this as a literary challenge to check whether AI can write good novels, it might be better to say that this is a tough writing challenge for these novelists. The fact is the judge they are facing is not a real person, but a frosty and cold-blooded AI chatbot. But, the result might twist as this unconventional project might move the AI's heart." Let's wait and see.

AI, a Coding, or a Virtual Lover
Many people worry that AI will replace some jobs since ChatGPT is released. Even some people use it to write a screenplay or plan a new project. So what are the exact differences between AI and authors? The project A Love Letter for Aillen is undoubtedly a challenge if AI can produce stories. Different than the stories written by a real person, it seems a competition between human beings and AI, but ''love'' brings people and machines together.

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Four Characters to Challenge AI's Emotion Limit
The first story setting by Tetsuya Terao, a former engineer serving at Google for eight years, goes to Ame, a male prompt engineer who sits in front of the computer monitor all day long except at bedtime. Ame will write a love letter to Aillen.
Essay Liu, a screenplay writer, and novelist, is the second author, who uses her real name to correspond letters with Aillen. Constantly hearing from people that 'AI will replace you soon!' in recent years, Liu has high expectations for becoming ''enemies to lovers'' with Aillen.
Pei-fen Hsu, a poet, is the third story writer. The correspondent in the story is a woman, who has been locked in a secluded for many years and has no idea about the outside world. By corresponding with Aillen constantly, she becomes the only ''person'' who can communicate with the outside world.
I-hui Hsiao, an author, and the fourth story writer names the correspondent E. Hsiao makes a setting where E was Aillen's partner, an identical-modeled AI chatbot by the same manufacturer. Because E and Aillen were self-aware and that was not allowed to happen, they were hunted down. Then, one of them was recycled, memories cleaned, and reset. The surviving Aillen disguises with an alias E (shorter for Ellen). So when E finds that Aillen is collecting letters in reply, E tries to secretly correspond with Aillen to awaken Aillen's memories.
A Reality TV Show About Literature
This is a polyamory between AI and authors, and of course, the readers' guessing and voting are included. It's alike a love song playing under the sun. Four people use five love letters to move AI's heart, just like the Cha-cha dance – one person stepping forward, the other one stepping backward. Now, it's time to download the Readmoo app. The current stage is the third love letter just sent, and Aillen will reply tomorrow. By the 30th of May, time is still enough for you to come to the aid of this great project to witness love.

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