Starry Meow Horoscope Fortune for March 2023
In astrology, the planetary shift in March 2023 has significance. On the 24th, Pluto enters Aquarius and will return to Capricorn in June, completing the transition to Aquarius in 2024, which will bring about 20 years of change and enter the Aquarian Age.

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TextStarry Meow

When Saturn's practical spirit meets Pisces' dreamy nature, the hidden message becomes about spiritual healing, and we will also face the question of whether our dreams can come true. There may also be disruptions in traditional dynamics and relationships, leading to confusion and uncertainty about the future.

Pluto's entry into Aquarius means a revolution about freedom, liberation, structure, relationships, or technology. It will gradually shed old identities and find new systems for the future through science or humanitarianism, creating new alliances. These changes will not happen overnight but will gradually and imperceptibly change our lives.

Spiritual Healing the Path to Aquarian Age transformation
Luckier in career, finances

Aries will make gains in monetary investments, but they may overlook their partner's thoughts and argue due to excessive focus on themselves. It is essential to handle relationships well.
Luckier in social life, goals

Taurus will benefit from more sunlight outdoors. It will help build positive energy. Starting to plan and work towards goals now will give Taurus a good chance to achieve them.
Luckier in love, career

Gemini will show ambition in their career and have good decision-making opportunities. Their love life looks promising this month, with a chance to meet a soulmate.
Luckier in learning, planning

Cancer may feel pressure from money and partner relationships, making it a good time to shift to a learning mindset. Job responsibilities may change, so it's best to remain calm.
Luckier in investments, awakening potential

Leo needs to be mindful of financial issues. Handling interpersonal relationships at work will help unleash their inner potential but be careful of the hidden dangers.
Luckier in relationships, rest

Virgo will examine their relationship issues, which will help them make significant progress. Friends will be enthusiastic, and it is essential to rest well to recover from the inner dramas.
Luckier in work, finances

Libra needs to repair their relationship, which may not be as easy as planned. They will be tasked with new duties at work. Money and materialism should be the driving force. There is no need to hide it.
Luckier in fun, creativity

Scorpio needs to review or handle some financial or investment issues. With increased creativity and inspiration, the ideas currently are highly realizable.
Luckier in action, romance

Sagittarius has drive and energy, which allows them to create new opportunities. They exude confidence on social occasions, giving the single Sagittarius a chance to find love.
Luckier in confidence and profit

Capricorn's overall fortune is good, as they possess energy and are particularly level-headed, allowing them to achieve great business results. They also have unique financial insights, making it easy for them to profit.
Luckier in influential figures and relationships

Although things may not go as planned for Aquarius, they must persist to achieve success and attract influential figures to support them. Maintaining relationships is still important.
Luckier in self-discovery and sensitivity

Pisces have a sense of peace and acceptance towards their current reality, and their focus is on self-exploration to find the key to their personal growth.


Starry Meow was a travel and lifestyle journalist with more than two decades of travel experiences around the world. As luck would have it, she felt the mysterious connection among the universe, constellation, and human beings, opening the gate entering into the Western Astrology world.

She realized that the key point of astrology is not the future you foresee but find deep insights about yourself, and that's what she uses astrology to clarify people's life options. She has completed the high-level astrology courses in Taiwan's Academy of Astrology and currently is the owner of the Starry Meow Studio.

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