It’s Okay to be Imperfect
Korean author Hyun Jung Ahn uses her past journeys to turn her creations into light-hearted and humorous stories to tell every adult that you need not be perfect, but you should learn to embrace yourself.

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As a child, she aspired to be a comic book artist, but due to her self-doubt in her creativity, she turned to a career in marketing and stayed there for seven years, but she has always felt maladjusted in the sector since. At the age of 30, she decided to quit her job to share her illustrations, which were unexpectedly well-received, and launched her career in graphic creation.

In the book “Even when you grow up, you will still be sad: It's okay to be imperfect, 55 heart-warming exercises to embrace yourself,” Ahn uses the frustrations she experienced in her life to turn them into motivation to move forward and find the truth in them, this is to all of you who still consider yourself as “half-adults.”

Embrace Your Inner Child
This book is for those of you who are adults in body and age but are still child-like at heart. We always think that we are not mature enough, that we get hurt and step back because of a small thing, but on the other hand, you pretend to be strong and say to yourselves: “You are already a grown-up.”

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The inner child is our immature mind. We think that adults should act mature and stable, but the inner child always provokes the immature side that most adults wish not to expose, causing guilt. However, the inner child will become even more aggressive if left alone and ignored.
On the other hand, adults can always turn around to embrace and comfort the inner child. We can give the child courage when he is shaking with fear.

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As human beings, we will never be a fully completed product. We are simply labeled as “adults” because of older age. Since you are already an adult, you must rely on yourself regardless of your level of self-confidence. This is why even though the young mind of our inner child is hurt, we choose to endure because we believe that "adults should endure.”

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The inner child is just like a child still at a developing stage, where the body is still growing in height. You don't notice changes daily, and only when you are not aware of it or when someone reminds you of it do you realize how much it has changed over time. Remember, the inner child will become more mature tomorrow and continue to grow daily.

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