The Closed Eyes to with The Sound from Heaven
Red Like the Sky, an Italian film, won 45 film awards worldwide 15 years ago. And now, 15 years later, this heart-touching movie is digitally remastered and will again screen on 13th January 2023. This film is inspired by the coming-of-age story of Mirco Mencacci, a sound editor recognized as a national treasure of Italy.

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TextWenchien Wu

A ten-year-old boy Mirco Mencacci lost his sight due to an accident. He's nearly sightless. All he can see is just blurs and shadows. Under the restrictions of Italian laws, young Mirco cannot keep attending a general school, as normal and healthy children do. Then, his parents were forced to send him to a boarding school for the blind which the school was far away from his hometown.

This special school run by the clergy trains visually impaired children how to live independently. Meanwhile, the school for the blind educates the skills of the weaver and telephone operator to these children. However, these disabled kids' talents were limited due to "special."

Nearly Sightless but Clear Hearing
For young Mirco, he had seen what the world looks like before. He's been to a cinema with his father. He loves arts but he was forced to accept his new condition, acting the same as his classmates and obeying the school's rules.
One day, he received the teacher Don Giulio’s class assignment whose theme is The Sound of Four Seasons. This academic task gives him a new way: using the sense of hearing to feel the world. So he picks up the tape recorder to record each sound that he feels like symbolizing various seasons. The sound might be the sound of the wind or the sound of raindrops.

The Another Opening Window for Him
With the support of the teacher Don Giulio, friends, and classmates, Mirco Mencacci starts to record his own story. He makes a radio drama that is full of fantasy and diverse sounds. It's a ticket that enlightens his life, becoming the sound editor in his generation.

There are no more schools for the blind in Italy. The visually impaired persons can attend general schools like normal students. Also, these visually inspired children can develop new interests instead of merely learning the skills of a weaver or telephone operator. After the Tuscan boy Mirco grows up, he's taken part in the acoustical engineering planning of more than 340 films. He created many brilliant hearing feasts for numerous films.

Mirco Mencacci cannot see colors anymore due to an accident in his childhood. However, he positively promotes every kind of research on sounds. Currently, he's preparing to found the Italy Sound Foundation in his hometown Tuscany. This foundation aims to make the public understand that when closing eyes, one can feel the fabulous art even if only hearing.
Valuing the Differences, Donating to the Taiwan Foundation for the Blind
Five-percent box office revenue of this classic, remastered Red Like the Sky will donate to the Taiwan Foundation for the Blind. This hopes to take concrete steps to help the visually impaired persons while admiring this heart-touching film.

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