Things Needed to Be Cared about with Mercury Retrograde Happens
We will suffer Mercury Retrograde in January 2023. This time Mercury stations retrograde in Capricornus and will turn direct on January 18th. Let Starry Meow remind you about what to do or not to do for different zodiac signs during this period. (Please find your sun sign, rising sign, and Mercury.)

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What Mercury means for individuals is wisdom and logical thinking skills. It also controls transportation, transmitting, and short-distance trips. Mercury Retrograde might happen three to four times a year. What might happen includes poor communication with people or something going wrong with your computers, communications, and consumer electronics. Many new businesses or contract signing will stop proceeding during this period.

Mercury and Mercury Retrograde: An Emblem of Thinking and Communication
Aries: Compromise will make a conflict much easy to be resolved.
Aries might face many unexpected opinions and conflicts in the family during the period of Mercury Retrograde. Either compromising or providing less opinion is good for you in an argument.
Taurus: Social invitations change likely.
You could feel your inspiration sliding into stagnation during this period. Some variable factors might influence your social invitations too.
Gemini: Escaping reality is a way out.
You'd feel that something goes not so smoothly in your daily life or may have something wrong with your health. Therefore, you may want to hit the road for escaping reality.
Cancer: Listen More, Talk Less
You'll argue with your partner frequently during this period. You need to listen to what your partner says with empathy.
Leo: Instead of entrancing, it's better to wait and see.
The situation might be a bad investment or some errors happened in the transaction steps. It might be good to back out of the deal and just wait and see.
Virgo: An Unexpected Change may happen in the Long-distance Journey.
Your pace of learning in achieving goals is slow. Getting slower Internet might be the reason. Some unexpected changes might affect your long-distance journey.
Libra: Don't curry favor with elders too much.
It's easy to give offense to somebody if you talk impulsively. Remember to mind your Ps and Qs when you're talking to elders.
Scorpio: Say goodbye to someone unnecessary and keep friendships with someone truly needed.
You might get back in touch with old friends. You guys recollect the memories of the past together. You'll say goodbye to someone unnecessary and keep friendships with someone truly needed.
Sagittarius: Be Dragged Down by Computer, Communication, and Consumer Electronics
You are now facing task overload and hardly catch your breath. So when your computer, communication, and consumer electronics have a glitch at this moment, it simply makes you feel helpless.
Capricornus: Make a Reflection for Another Possibility.
It means it's a stage of self-reflection. You have to think if the way you used before has made it. Or it's time to adjust your pace of life.
Aquarius: Be Careful of Fraud and Transactions.
You'll receive much more information related to money. There is no lack of fraud and credit loans in such information. Don't be greedy.
Pisces: Keep Your Memories Flashback.
During this period, it's easy to get lost in old memories during your conversation with people. Avoid signing a contract, otherwise, unexpected things might happen.

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