Starry Meow Horoscope Fortune for the First Half of 2023
When it comes to the late winter, it's time to say goodbye to 2022. At the end of the year, Jupiter is going to enter Aries from Pisces. And that means it's time to say goodbye to Covid-19 and give people some hope during this period.

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We wish everyone a happy new year first of all. There are several major zodiac sign shifts in the first half of 2023. That means these shifts will influence social groups and entire value systems. There's a need to pay an eye to it.

The first major shift comes on the 7th of March: Saturn enters Pisces. When Saturn is in Pisces, that drops a hint that people are hurrying to escape from restrictions and are not so interested in strict moral standards. Even though one doesn't have self-control or lose control, one can show one's talents in art and spirituality.

March 23rd is the important date that Pluto shifts once in 20 years. The significance of Pluto's shift indicates that the tradition, authoritativeness, father right, and valued assets will be subverted. Instead, Aquarius takes it over via openness and innovation. Those who rigidly adhere to established rules without changes will be eliminated. And the other way round, those who are highly adaptable will survive then.

Jupiter will enter Taurus on the 17th of May. Fields related to Jupiter will be expanded such as finance, art, catering industry, fashion and beauty industries, and more. The economy will be in recession but recovery then. So those who are sensitive to the financial market make a deployment plan for the investment in advance.

The first half of 2023 will be an important time to get your life foundation solid. If one can be in tune with times, one will remain invincible.

Competition and Freedom Based on a Solid Foundation
Lucky Strength: Benefactor, Confidence
For Aries, you can feel the increasing positive energy in 2023. Except for the benefactor's help and support, you will feel more confident and have a can-do attitude. It's good timing to demonstrate your true strength.
Lucky Strength: Fortune of Wealth, Creativity
2023 is a year that lets Taurus who is highly sensitive to the financial market know it's time to make a deployment plan and get ready for the future. You have a unique understanding of creativity. You could try to get in close touch with art, fashion, and music to get inspired.
Lucky Strength: Interpersonal Relationships, Achievements
Gemini who has introspection cares about achievements. Instead of external success, Gemini values improving inner qualities. When you showcase your exclusive confidence and charm, these two characteristics will bring you good fortune. Reading and learning are the keys to improving your energy.
Lucky Strength: Workplace, Raise in Pay
For Cancer, you'll have outstanding performance at work in 2023. You'll not merely have the opportunity to get promoted but will have a chance to get a raise in pay or get posted out of town. When you succeed in your career, you must look back and think about trying harder to maintain and balance your love relationship and family.
Lucky Strength: Change, Learning
Leo will find the sign that the partners you work with are going to reorganize. Please keep an open mind to accept new challenges as they will enable you to grow. When you pursue goals bravely without any fear, you'll get a nice harvest later.
Lucky Strength: Indirect Wealth Luck, Investment
The first half of 2023 is a tough time for Virgo's work and love relationship. Your indirect wealth luck will soar dramatically this year. As long as you calm down and invest carefully, you may get a nice income and profits.
Lucky Strength: Relationship, Collaboration
2023 is a year full of challenges for Libra. You'll get newly assigned tasks at work. You'll have quite a lot of romantic encounters. But it's a mixed picture as some are romantic encounters and some might be unwanted and nasty ones. If you can turn a romantic encounter into a suitable marriage partner, it'll help develop your love relationship.
Lucky Strength: Work, Goal
You'll have so many opportunities to demonstrate your true strength at work. It might be big orders or cases.  You'll have a chance to encounter a benefactor who will guide and support you in the workplace. As you're full of confidence, you'll achieve the goal more effectively.
Lucky Strength: Interpersonal Relations, Self-worth
Sagittarius will tend to change jobs in 2023. It might be a job transfer or changing a job. It's good timing to find your dreamy job via your good interpersonal relations.
Lucky Strength: New Life, Romantic Encounter
It's time to develop your new life this year. Changes might be moving to a new place or starting a new relationship. It's a year that old and new energy takes place by turns. You'll have quite a lot of romantic encounters. And you'll have many objectives to observe and find out the best suitable marriage partner, therefore.
Lucky Strength: Business, Responsibility
2023 is a year that gives whole new thinking and horizons to Aquarius. You'll have an opportunity to develop a brand new business along the process of adjusting your values. Or it's time to change your careless attitude and start to carefully review your new life.
Lucky Strength: Ego, Money
Pisces will have numerous channels to learn money management this year. You'll have a healthy attitude towards money and know how to increase your income. Also, you can increase wealth via your previous personal networks.

Starry Meow was a travel and lifestyle journalist with more than two decades of travel experiences around the world. As luck would have it, she felt the mysterious connection among the universe, constellation, and human beings, opening the gate entering into the Western Astrology world.

She realized that the key point of astrology is not the future you foresee but find deep insights about yourself, and that's what she uses astrology to clarify people's life options. She has completed the high-level astrology courses in Taiwan's Academy of Astrology and currently is the owner of the Starry Meow Studio.

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