A New Japanese Afternoon Tea Choice: a Cup of Miso Soup
When you feel hungry in the afternoon, would you subconsciously grab a bite like getting a cup of coffee and having some desserts? However, it'll give you an upset stomach if you have too much caffeine. And you will get fat if having so many sweet snacks as well. So how about trying miso soup?

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Misonomi Soup Stand is a specialty store of miso soup located in the Kiyosumi Shirakawa area of Tokyo. The exterior appearance of the restaurant looks like a fashionable coffee shop. But, this shop serves food and beverage related to miso, the most iconic ingredient of Japanese dietary culture, as its major products. The restaurant creates its signature miso products and presents with the styles like Western sweet snacks and beverages. It's a good place where people can take food pictures for social media. And it's also a good restaurant serving healthy food and helping people get good health!

For Japanese, having a bowl of soup equivalently means eating a bowl of miso soup. In substance, miso is the secret to Japanese people's longevity. It has so many nutrients and helps improve digestion as well. Even though miso soup is so tasty and has so many benefits for people's health, it's just like average soup and nothing special. However, Misonomi Soup Stand gives the miso soup, which people are accustomed to in everyday life for a long time, a makeover and turn it into a new stylish beverage.

A Remarkable Store Located in Kiyosumi Shirakawa
Misonomi Soup Stand is a unique restaurant with special features among numerous coffee shops in Kiyosumi Shirakawa. The miso soup and onigiri (Japanese rice balls) are not merely the most traditional food in Japan but are this restaurant's signature dishes simultaneously. But, this innovative restaurant makes a twist – transforming the plating of its main products into modern presentations, looking like fine and exquisite desserts displayed behind the department store windows.

Two Types of Miso Ingredients: Barley vs. Brown Rice
The miso ingredients that Misonomi Soup Stand uses are split into two types. One is mugi (meaning barley), and the other is genmai (meaning brown rice). The mugi miso is suitable for those who are carnivores. On the contrary, the genmai miso is made of vegetables and is fit for vegans.

While ordering food, you have two choices. You can order just a bowl of miso soup. Or you order one more white rice ball to get filling. There are also two ways to taste the onigiri. One is to eat directly. The other is to add it to the miso soup then the soup will taste like Chazuke, a traditional Japanese dish made by pouring green tea or hot water over cooked rice.

Hot Miso Soup Making You Feel Warm from Inside out
I arrived at the restaurant before noon. So I ordered a bowl of vegan miso soup named Lush Forest and one more onigiri. The restaurant's all-white interior design and wooden decorations look so pretty and elegant. Therefore, it's unexpectedly visual enjoyment while waiting for the food making.

The dishes are served with thick ceramic round plates. Every tableware looks so exquisite. Miso, the star of this served soup, is placed in the bouillon cup, a vessel for serving soup. At the bottom of the cup, there's a piece of crust from Monaka, a type of Japanese dessert. It's understandable why people call this soup a drinkable dessert.

A transparent kettle is filled with hot water on the table. So you can pour the hot water into a bouillon cup at the most appropriate moment and then stir the soup well. Or you can just do nothing and wait for the miso to melt.

Salty miso soup is a common impression for people. But this vegan-flavored miso soup tastes a bit sweeter and firm texture. The soup seems to look clear but actually you can find some tiny food grains covered by the miso while tasting it. The mouthfeel is so original and pure. The okras taste so slimy and crisp. And the texture of okras pretty much matches the sweet miso.

In the middle of soup tasting, you can try to place the white rice ball into the soup. That will transform the soup into another dish Chazuke. It'll taste totally different. After pouring the onigiri into the soup, the rice will absorb the soup and the grain will expand slowly. Once the rice fully absorbs the essence of the miso soup, the rice will taste sweeter, smell more fragrant, and get you fuller at the same time.

Venue: 1 Chome-15-1 Tokiwa, Koto City, Tokyo
Open Hours: Tuesday~Friday (11:00~19:00) / Saturday (8:00~19:00) / Sunday (8:00~17:00)

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