A Teatime Talking About the Birth Chart and Venus
Tuesday afternoon is a great time to hold a teatime talk and pair up with some cookies and the healthy drink Black Soybean Essence served by the brand Chérie. Starry Meow shows up in this symposium to share her understanding and views of the zodiac signs for years.

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TextWenchien Wu

In this conversation, this masterful astrologer and the attendees, a group of astrology lovers, open up and discuss how Venus affects love.

In essence, the sun sign in astrology analysis is the way that people are most familiar with. Starry Meow takes "Venus" in the birth chart as the theme for this discussion. In astrology, Venus has so many meanings, including tastes, values, love, and one's charm.

"Find Your True Love in Venus, the Planet of Love" is a zodiac sign event held by the Yii Cultural Enterprise. This event will guide everyone to take a closer look at Venus' secrets.

What's Your Venus Sign?
In the beginning, Starry Meow guides everyone to find Venus in the birth chart. Basically, everybody's Venus sign would be either the former two or the latter two zodiac signs of their sun signs. For instance, if your sun sign is Sagittarius, your Venus sign would be Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricornus, or Aquarius!

Starry Meow patiently explains to the attendees one by one. Those who have Venus in Aries pursue their goals bravely without any fear. People who have Venus in Taurus are very generous to those in your own circle. Those who have Venus in Gemini need a partner whom they could communicate with smoothly. And people who have Venus in Cancer are very good at taking care of their partners.

Those who have Venus in Leo hope their partners know how to dress and befit every occasion. And people who have Venus in Virgo would take care of their partners including every detail. Those who have Venus in Libra like their partners' accompany. And they demand their partners to have a qualified level of aesthetics and tastes as well. People expressing mystique and showing great knowledge and understanding are those who have Venus in Scorpio. And those who have Venus in Sagittarius love freedom. So it's hard for them to commit.

Lastly, business-oriented people with professional characteristics would easily catch the attention of those who have Venus in Capricornus. And people who have Venus in Aquarius need a partner that they can get along with each other, like friends. Those who have Venus in Pisces have the spirit of sacrificing themselves and dedicating themselves selflessly. Be aware that you shouldn't over-dedicate yourself.

After Starry Meow explains the performance that Venus enters the twelve zodiac signs, everyone on site knows more about the birth chart.

In the meantime, Starry Meow guides the attendees to know what is “Astrology Dice.” A traditional birth chart is the foundation of the astrology dice. Using the Houses, planets, and zodiac signs to divine the future matters that will happen soon has a pretty high accuracy divination result.

On the afternoon of November 15th, the astrology lovers spent a great time and derived much benefit. And we also thank again our sponsor Chérie for serving the healthy drinks Black Soybean Essence & Roselle Essence in this symposium. People attending this event wonderfully experienced the zodiac signs' secrets. At the same time, they found back again the equilibrium of their bodies and minds.

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