The Café of Organic Vegetarian Meals on the Street Corner
While walking through the Meiji Shrine and then arriving at Yoyogi Park feels so relaxing. So is this low-profile café named “Koharubiyori Tokyo.” Let's have a vegan set meal served with Japanese Mamezara tableware to warm our minds and bodies when autumn is here!

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Fall is in the air when it turns September in Japan. In Japanese, there's a unique term "Koharu-biyori," in which "Koharu" means the late autumn and "Biyori" means good weather. So this compound word represents a period of calm weather between the late autumn to the early winter. Just like the café named "Koharubiyori Tokyo" neighboring Yoyogi Park, it quietly gives you the feeling of warmth when you need some comfort.

Mamezara Delicacies Bringing Warmness to People
The Koharubiyori Tokyo purchases the ingredients from the farmers who plant the vegetables free of pesticides and chemical fertilizer. Even though these fresh fruits and vegetables might not look good, they taste good and are healthy for sure. More than that, the coffeehouse holds fast to the restaurant operation principle - neither containers nor food wastes are to be produced in the process of cooking foods.

The Koharubiyori Tokyo serves a diverse range of sweet snacks, coffee, and beverages, which are particularly designed for those with allergic predispositions. The served foods are made free of gluten and milk products. Customers could choose what to eat by their moods on that date.

Gorgeous Mamezara Tableware Increasing Your Appetite
Those who had ever tasted Japanese cuisine must find out that there are many small plates on the dining table. And these tiny plates served with different side dishes are called "Mamezara" in Japanese. Apart from that, this Japanese-style tableware is a good vessel to place the snacks, such as cakes and chocolate, and even chopstick rests. They are quite functional in multi ways.

Served by Koharubiyori Tokyo, the mamezara set meals to include two offers - meat and vegan dishes. Nine mamezaras are placed on the serving tray, including the miso soup and rice. I compare the foods served in these two sets. I found that the foods served for the meat set meal are fried chicken as the entree and paired with the mackerel, dried clove fish, and frittata. And the dishes served for the vegan set meal are vegetarian chicken as the entree and paired with fried potatoes, burdock, and lotus root. The restaurant simultaneously provides two different menus to meet those who have varied preferences.

Nine Flavored Vegan Dishes
The entree vegan fried chicken tastes like the texture of the Bai Ye Tofu, which its muscle fiber is thinner. The burdock is simmered with sweet-flavored Japanese sauce, which tastes pretty good. The fried potatoes taste a stronger flavor. It tastes not greasy even though it's fried food.

The rest are three pickled food and tofu side dishes. The first dish is the food mixed with pickled radish, beans, and quinoa. The second one is a dish of assorted vegetables cooked with a tomato cooking base and mixed with burdock, green pepper, and daikon. The last one is the miso soup cooked with tofu dregs, which gives a perfect ending to this set meal.

Vegan Pâtisserie: The Nuts Exchange     
After lunch, I visit a nut-themed vegan café, The Nuts Exchange. I order a cup of coffee seasoned with nut milk. It tastes sweet, not adding any sugar, but the naturally sweet flavor from the nuts. It's quite good for those with lactose intolerance to taste. This vegan coffeehouse also launches babyccino for children. What a surprising and thoughtful beverage! More than that, the handmade nut cookies taste quite moist, not dry. Everything offered by The Nuts Exchange tastes so good and natural.

Koharubiyori Tokyo
Address:Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, 1 Chome−8−3
Business hours:Tuesday to Friday 11:00 to 19:00 / Saturday 8:00 to 19:00 / Sunday 8:00 to 17:00 (closed on Mondays)
The Nuts Exchange
Address:Chome-51-1 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, Chome-51-1
Business hours:Tuesday 9:30~18:00/Wednesday~Friday 11:30~21:00/Weekends 10:00~18:00 (closed on Mondays)

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