The Tofu-themed Premium Cuisine in Ebisu
Do you know how much the Japanese love tofu? Located in Ebisu of Tokyo, the Tofu Shokudo is a specialty store that serves tofu dishes. It's a restaurant that serves freshly made tofu-made dishes to people and makes people like living in tofu heaven.

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Usually, we get used to classifying some food as a meat or vegetable diet. But, tofu is the ingredient that crossovers food categories. Though tofu is basically part of the vegetable food group, people often take it as a substitute for the meat diet. It's a pretty variable food ingredient. The Tofu Shokudo is a tofu-themed restaurant that serves tofu-made dishes, beverages, and desserts.

Tofu in the Day and Night
Located in Ebisu-Nishi of Tokyo, the Tofu Shokudo is a member of the food battlefield of restaurants. The plebeian style at the Ebisu-Nishi showcases a sharp contrast to the living atmosphere of the upper class at the Ebisu-Higashi.

In the daytime, the Tofu Shokudo located at the Ebisu-Nishi offers set meals, a lunch option for those who are busy office workers working in the adjacent area. Also, the tofu restaurant serves healthy desserts for the ladies. In the nighttime, the Tofu Shokudo becomes an izakaya where people taste healthy dishes that go well with alcoholic drinks after getting off duty.

The Tofu Shokudo doesn't purchase tofu from the supplier but opens up a tofu manufacturing studio inside the restaurant. People can see the whole production process through the glass doors. Also, the tofu restaurant uses the Miyagi Shirome, well-known Japanese domestic soybeans, which serves safe food for the guests.

Simple Interiors Made by a Careful Scheme
The interiors of this tofu restaurant look so simple and pure as it's schemed carefully. The dining area is mainly an upside-down U-shaped bar counter. The wooden counter showcases a simple yet delicate look.

If the guest comes here alone, the restaurant will arrange for the guest to sit at the bar counter area. There's a pot placed at the inner side of the bar counter, which is steaming tofu. Meanwhile, the waitstaff offers table service for the guest. Such a dining atmosphere makes the guest feel like having a meal in a bar. Of course, the restaurant offers other dining plans for various guests' needs, such as placing tables that seat four guests and a long table that seats more people.

Four options are available for a lunch meal, including the tofu-themed premium lunch, salty chicken ramen with tofu-based noodles, spicy chicken ramen with tofu-based noodles, and five spice fried chicken. We're introducing you to the restaurant's signature dish, the tofu-themed premium lunch.

A Tofu-themed Premium Lunch with a Main Course and Numerous Side Dishes
The “premium cuisine” is an honorific expression in Japanese. In ancient times, the term means the meals served exclusively to the Emperor of Japan or the lords. Therefore, this tofu-themed meal will be much superior to average set meals.


A tofu donburi made of braised tofu catches all your attention first. The big-sized braised tofu covers almost the rice bowl. This tofu donburi is comprised of a braised silken tofu, tasty and flavorful broth, and some crispy ingredients on top. The mouthfeel is so refreshing.

The main course is a miso soup stewed with 9 vegetables and of course the tofu, like a Japanese-style ratatouille dish. For example, you can taste the Japanese domestic produced small taro with a smooth texture, tofu skin, daikon, onion, konjac, and more.

The side dishes put the perfect finishing touches to this tofu set meal, such as the meatballs made with the tofu dregs. The deep-fried tofu-mixed meatballs taste crispy on the outside but juicy inside. The soybean and pickled vegetables taste refreshing and smooth.

The side dish served with the cucumber and two small-sized tofu has an unexpected taste, like the cheese. The douhua I classify as a dessert tastes with the flavor of rich dried bonito!


The dessert after the meal looks so mouthwatering as well. I'd expect to taste the tofu ice cream and Mitarashi Dango next time.

Tofu Shokudo
Address:1-chōme-3-1 Ebisunishi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0021

Time:12:00~14:30 (Lunch) / 17:00~23:00 (Dinner)

* The Tofu Shokudo serves the chicken and goat cuisines too. Please make confirmation before ordering the meal if you're a vegetarian.

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