Alice Paillard Carrying on the Family Business of Champagne House
Alice Paillard comes from an old winemaking family in the Champagne. However, she didn't choose to become a winemaker in the beginning but positively explore to gain and build her own experiences outside of Champagne and abroad. When she turned 25, she decided to return to her hometown and co-managed the brand Champagne Bruno Paillard with her father, Bruno Paillard.

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Born in 1982, Alice Paillard grew up in the Champagne region of France. Her family started the business of winemaking and champagne merchant in 1704. Influenced by the family culture, she's pretty familiar with diverse knowledge of wine since her childhood.

Alice Paillard didn't initially work for her father's champagne brand, Champagne Bruno Paillard. However, what she's learned throughout her study, such as studying management at the Dauphine University in Paris and getting a master's degree in international wine and spirits trade in Dijon, Burgundy, did help her so much to take over the CEO of the brand.

Life like a Bottle of Wine: The Older, the Better
When Alice Paillard graduated from the Dauphine University in Paris and entered society, she didn't satisfy with her life then and stayed in Paris either. Paillard had studied as an exchange student at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice in Italy. After graduation, she chose to build her adventure experience and worked in London and New York respectively.

Paillard still worked in the food-related industry even if she stayed away from home. She had served a wine and spirits company and a food company, which two companies have totally different enterprise cultures. So she's familiar with how to deal with business operating, marketing, and sale, therefore. Then, she returned home from rewarding journeys in 2007 and co-managed the Champagne Bruno Paillard with her father, the brand founder.
Her Father Bruno Paillard
Like father, like daughter. Alice's father, Bruno Paillard, is a man who loves adventure as well. People know that the Paillard family has engaged in the winemaking business since the 18th century. However, Bruno Paillard didn't take over the family's champagne plant. While he was 27, he decided to sell his Jaguar Classic car, independently and personally researched the recipe of wine production in the basement, and then established his own champagne plant in this region, a place without any emerging vineyard over the passing century.

Many people said Bruno Paillard's behavior was too crazy. Paillard spent three years pursuing the purity of champagne, constantly filtering the grape varieties of the smallholder orchardists, and improving his vinification techniques. Paillard made his dream champagne eventually. Bruno Paillard's champagne had been highly praised by the gourmands and wine critics since 1981.

Sparkles Between Art and Wine Labels
Is there any connection between wine and art? Maison Bruno Paillard selects different wine labels of vintage champagnes to express contemporary art. Like the 2004 Brut Assemblage, the wine label ''Harmony, Symphony” is an unpublished oil painting by contemporary artist Arthur Djoroukhian. This painting created based on harmony and symphony symbolizes this champagne has a fuller body with soft and rounded flavors.

2004 Assemblage “Harmony, Symphony”
Please Do Not Drink If You Are a Minor. No Drunk Driving.

Climate change impacted the production of wine grapes and wine in France in 2012. The yield in 2012 was deducted approximately 40% lower than the average due to wet growing seasons and dry weather at harvest time. Champagne Bruno Paillard invited the Japanese artist Takehiko Sugawara to illustrate with a theme "where strength marries grace" to reflect the extreme weather and tough time of 2012. This painting symbolizes that you could still elegantly go against difficulties and advance even though encountering a powerful enemy.
 2012 Blanc de Blancs "Where strength marries grace" 
Please Do Not Drink If You Are a Minor. No Drunk Driving.

Different years of wines, plus various stories, pair up diverse artworks. There is one more exhibition hall in the Champagne Bruno Paillard plant, which particularly collects some vintage champagnes with stories and artistry.
Alice Paillard's Return Making the Legendary Story Go on
Since her return in 2007, Alice Paillard has used her knowledge and previous work experience to develop foreign markets. Meanwhile, she worked in the vineyard to learn how to make champagne. Nowadays, she's become one of the well-known women winemakers in the Champagne region.


Alice Paillard and her father had tried to make sugar-free champagne in 2008. They had once given up such tries in the beginning due to unqualified standards. Also, they found the acidity of the sugar-free champagne was too sharp. Therefore, they experimented again and again, such as changing the portion of grape varieties, adjusting the base wine's concentration, and more. Eventually, the House achieved the goal and revealed a new sugar-free champagne named Multi Vintages Cuvée D: Z.

Multi Vintages Cuvée D: Z
Please Do Not Drink If You Are a Minor. No Drunk Driving.
While encountering failure, Alice Paillard and the House choose to find a way to be successful instead of giving it up. Along the way, Paillard took over the vice president of the House in 2012 and became the CEO in 2019. Meanwhile, she's a working mother with three kids. She balances work and family perfectly. What to expect for the future is she and her father, Bruno Paillard, will continue expanding the Champagne Bruno Paillard.


Please Do Not Drink If You Are a Minor. No Drunk Driving.

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